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Did she ask for it? was her skirt too short? her top too tight? too revealing? did her eyes say yes, while she said no? was it her fault because she had the nerve to be at that party? or out alone? or drinking? Did she ask for it? Did it make you feel like a big […]

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  1. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Sick!
    Every day 3 women in the USA are murdered by their husbands or exes.

    • It should be a lot more than that. When I was still active, a long time ago, a woman was beaten every three seconds and raped every five or seven minutes. I can’t remember how many were killed but that’s a really low figure, or else they are doing what they always do and call it something else. An accident, suicide, whatever. I wish it was true that only 3 died everyday. Maybe it is and the figures have changed a lot. Women’s figures are always different from law enforcement and men’s.

  3. Without a doubt.

    • If I remember correctly on in every 4 or 5 women is being beaten. We were out to dinner with friends, years ago, and the women were talking about this and one of the men said that was insane. He said that would mean someone at our table was being beaten. He was right, it was his sister. We all knew it, except for him.

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