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via April is Child Abuse Prevention Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month — Wordifull

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  1. Perfect, very related abuses.

    • Definitely. One has to wonder how these things can b so widespread that they get a month of their own…and nothing is really done about it.

      • It’s a wonderment my dear friend. It would be interesting if a group of women could start an underground refuge for women who shoot abusive men.

      • That’s really the only thing we can do, since it will never stop and women need to protect themselves and their children. The legal system works for men, not us.

  2. Friend: Do you think all those ‘special days and special months’ themes’ are having any effect at all? I’m asking in all seriousness.
    I do however love the word WORDIFULL!!!! Great creation.
    And just to leave no doubt about my question: To me every day is – amongst others – prevention day/month of so many things evil on this earth!

    • Hi Kiki,
      Yes, there are lots of silly Holidays out there sometimes several each day that someone made up along the way…we can choose to observe them or in my case I know they usually just bring a smile to my face when Gigi posts them here… and really isn’t that reason enough? To spread a little joy?

      As for the serious National ___ Month or days… you ask if they make any difference. Well maybe not in a Big way but yes I think they do… it at the very least gives people a little awareness and maybe just maybe gets them talking and thinking.

      In my case, it gets me writing too! AND if a poem that I write about sexual assault for instance reaches one woman who has been abused and lets her know it is ok to speak out or leave an abusive situation…. or if one man reads a poem that somehow touches him and makes him reevaluate his behaviors toward women or children…then YES to me that is a big difference and well worth while.

      You said that every day is prevention of evil to you…that is fantastic 🙂 and so it is for many of us… YET that is not the case for the majority of people out there in my opinion. I wish we had no need for the days/weeks/months of awareness but alas this is the world we live in.

      Oh, and thank you! I think words are beautiful and what a wonderful, beautiful world of words there are…hence my blog’s name Wordifull.

      • Melanie; you are a marvel. Thank you so much for the trouble of taking time and energy for this long comment. THIS IS what I love about being in this community. I don’t have my own blog because I simply couldn’t follow the ones I appreciate AND comment. And I am of the old fashioned sort of people who thinks (or hopes, as even in my own family, I only have ONE sister of 4 siblings and no child or niece/nephew or bros/sis in law who seems capable of ‘putting a pen to paper’) that if somebody takes the trouble to write something they deserve a reply.
        I am of course, of course, of course, absolutely in agreement with what you say. What makes me sad and sometimes angry is that we always preach to the converted. The people who SHOULD be reading all these precious posts and/or SHOULD commemorate these themed days and months – they don’t. I wonder if they can read, if they know that the written word is worth taking in, that it is not just a joke, all these warnings, information etc on national/international radio, tv, YTube, Vimeo etc etc etc. I watch (as a foreigner but I’m interested anyway) videos on YTube (mostly) by US-based ‘comedians’ because reading the Guardian and other newspapers sometimes gives me nausea when once more, they howl out into the non-hearing, non-caring public. So, it’s Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, the English (and now American…. why oh why?) John Oliver who keep me in the loop and preserve me from loosing my mind.
        I apologize for this late reply. I started it on my laptop but then went away and it stayed there for two days – now it’s out…. Kindest regards to you and it’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you.

    • I think special days are just reminders that nothing has changed. They are there to raise awareness, but nothing happens. It’s like a thing the government give us to pacify everyone while not doing anything to stop the problems. If it made a difference, we wouldn’t have this day EVERY year. Men don’t want to stop violence against women and children and all the signs and special days will do a single thing.

      • Kiki,
        Pleasure to “meet” you as well…and you are right about preaching to the choir as they say. Heavy sigh, maybe I am only kidding myself that any of it makes a difference…but still I will endeavor to persevere 🙂

      • Gigi,

        Of course, you are right… i guess it is like me taking ibuprofen… I know it will not care care of my pain but at least I feel like I’m doing SOMEthing.

      • Doning “something” makes all of us feel better and gives us hope. No doubt about it. Action, of any kind is good medicine.”

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