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Okay, so…

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I’ve been thinking about how much time we have to spend, being taught how to live on our own.  Think about it.  Years and years of our lives are spent being conditioned, brainwashed, living by the RULES, forced to go to bed, get up, go to school and all the rest.

Kids have no control over their own lives.  We come here absolutely HELPLESS.  If no one takes care of us, we die.  If that’s not a bad design, I don’t know what is.  Even Bambi gets up in two seconds and is able to run next to his mother.

But us?  Nope.  Takes us forever to walk, talk, not fall asleep, eat, finding out what hot means, learn that the person doesn’t actually disappear when playing Peek-A-Boo, running in the street is bad, and all the rest.  It’s as if we are the dumbest infants on the entire planet.  No other animal has fewer skills than we do at birth.  We can’t even hold up our own heads.

We humans think we are special and that’s true,. We’re special because we are the slowest and most inept and dependent infants/children anywhere.  The other animals must be falling out of trees with laughter, watching us learn to SIT UP.  Pathetic.  Half our lives are spent learning how to exist and take care of ourselves.  Our brains are busy making patterns and zapping neurons into place, while other animals are having kids, laying around in the sun, playing, eating and moving on to start their own herds.

Leave a human toddler alone somewhere and he won’t know a single thing.  NOTHING at all.  He won’t know where he lives, who he is, the names of his parents or dog.  The only thing he might be good at, is crying or pointing, since he can’t really speak and even if he could, he wouldn’t know anything.  It’s a catch-22, if he DOES know something, he won’t be unable to tell us and if he could tell us, he usually won’t know anything.

How can we bee so bloody SLOW for so LONG?   You can say that we have lost our instinct (I think it’s just too loud to hear it) and animals live by theirs, but that doesn’t explain how slowly we grow, compared to a giraffe. Physically, all the other species have us beat by a mile, when it comes to strength and growth.

Sure, other than turtles and parrots, mot animals don’t live very long, compared to us.  But we live longer because if we didn’t, we all be wandering around trying to form sentences.  And then there’s our brains.  So complex, we still don’t know how they work.   It takes twenty-five years, for a woman’s brain to completely developed.  It takes LONGER for a man’s (seriously, it does).  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS and then we still do the silliest things.  Many animals don’t live for twenty-five years.  It takes us forever to grow up, especially today, when kids are kept children long past their “childhood’s expiration date.”  We’ve made it even more impossible for them to grow up by treating them like fragile ornaments and telling them to use their inside voices.

Really bad design.  We lose all those YEARS, just learning the basics.   Then we spend the rest of our lives learning to survive on our own, with the things we’ve been taught, that don’t make sense in the real world.  Therefore, we have to educate ourselves on what’s real and what’s not and there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny and too many kids today are finding out that their parents lied and they aren’t really all that special, and that life isn’t fair.

Animal babies are taught to find food, who to run from, how to steal what they want from humans, how to stay away from humans, how to climb, swim, fly, etc.  We learn math, where flax comes from, lies about HIStory and reading.  We don’t learn how to stop violence or any of the other terrible things we do, to ourselves and every other living thing.

And free will doesn’t exist.  We are run by our hormones and brains, so if your brain is flooded with a certain hormone, your choices will be made accordingly.

Look at it this way, when parents are all excited because their baby is saying da da, Bambi’s running for his life.  All the baby can do, if he’s lucky, is roll over.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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  1. Raye, is this a brain wave of yours? Oh sister, you outdid yourself, you really did.
    I have no proof for what I am saying here, but m 1st thought was: We are so inept for a life on our own, because we are received with do much anticipation, so long awaited, so very much loved for already 9 month (unless you are my son who wanted an extra 20 days – or he just wanted to be born on a Good Friday!…) that we had no reason to be bambi. Everybody is bending over in their effort to do EVERYTHING for us from our first breather.
    Alright, later on life catches up with us, and that is ok too. We DO grow into our life, but we don’t really have to know how to survive before we’re 20+. But I also am known to say Getting married sd be forbidden before the 25th birthday. We are simply not ready for it. Which, in a roundaway loop also confirms your thoughts.
    Hugs from Switzie

  2. Excuse the typos, errors etc. It’s difficult for me in the smartphone and bad eye right, plus my unruly fingertips… 🤔😏😍

  3. F#!k, …. On the phone
    Eye sight….. see what I mean?

    • No problem. I understood you perfectly. 🙂 And thank you. We learn as we go along and we also unlearn, if we’re lucky, all the things that we were taught that were someone else’s ideas of how things should be. Other species live in their natural state. We don’t even know what that is, since we are force fed the rules made up by others, religions, education and all the rest. Everything is controlled by the culture, and people are expected NOT to think for themselves and they are punished when they do. All of this makes for a sad way to live. I think it’s the reason so many people are unhappy, depressed or just give up. Anyone who steps out of line is labeled at a very early age. State control. It’s not supposed to SEEM like that’s what’s happening, but it is.

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