Lacy, wearing her lab coat, is in charge of the Science Club and the lab.  That means that she makes sure the equipment is in good working order and that meetings are posted on the Meeting Sheet.  She also knows a lot about science, so the chicklets voted her to be the leader, when it comes to curing the virus.

Since the chicklets always play to their strengths, Lois has started a coloring  group, so others will know what the virus looks like, in case they see it anywhere. The Stage Crew is busy building…something and the Poetry Club is planning a reading for next week.  The Kitchen Crew is going to bake cookies and make corn muffins, to be served after the reading.  The Ballet Dancers are choreographing a new ballet, dedicated to the end of the virus.  The Debate Club is holding a debate on whether it’s better to keep the humans confined, so that animals can live freely, since many have returned to waterways, fountains and city streets.  The Science Club has been looking at grass and insects under the microscope and then releasing the bugs into the wild from whence they came.  So far a cure is not in sight.  The Costume Committee is busy making t-shirts for the Poetry reading.   And the Party Crew is still working on the Easter Party.  Admittedly, the guests are happy they can avoid human interaction on the way to The Coop.  Who can blame them?

I will keep you updated as to the cure.

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10 Responses to Lacy…

  1. Wonderful to see they’re all staying so productive!

  2. Kiki says:

    Good to know that finally some knowledgeable chicks are on it to find THE cure! Great thinking. 😅🐤🐦

  3. The Coop is all aflutter with activity! PeEp!

  4. Resa says:

    No one can blame them.

    • Absolutely true.

      I watched that British baking show, Master’s class last night. OMG They are so into “sponge,” this and that and, of course, I had no idea what temperatures or measurements they were talking about. They set the oven at 125 and I thought,you may as well not even turn it on. LOLOL They obviously don’t do degrees and we don’t do metric. But it was fun to watch. Sponge is really important to them.

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