Book, Bookmark, Ink, Opened, Pages

No matter how many bookmarks a person has, they may still resort to using bits of napkins, playing cards, scraps of paper, flaps or pieces of envelopes, bills, ads,  or anything they can reach.

Every bookstore has spinning wheels filled with bookmarks.  The bookmarks are covered with CATS saying cute things, with characters from LOTR and Star Wars, Zen sayings and flowers.  They can have a string with a tassel on the end of it, or a ribbon, chain, even a piece of straw.  That’s how you know where the book mark is…by the funny string hanging out of the book.  If a person is reading a hardcover book, s/he can use the flap from the book’s cover to hold her/his place, but that’s always risky.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention fancy books that come with a ribbon sewn into the binding.  A ribbon that can be moved through the book as we read and is always ready to hold our place.

I have a million bookmarks and usually use the paper one they give me when I buy a book, or a napkin, since I always read while I eat.   I’ve used so many different things, but I’ve never bent the edge of a page and I’ve never turned books upside down, while open.

Some bookmarks are special.  Picked up on vacations, in a favorite shop, given to us by someone meaningful, or just one that reminds us of something we love.  We usually don’t use those, but tuck them safely away, so they don’t get mangled, torn or worn out.  I have one from Shakespeare and Company in Paris, that I adore.  It’s just a free paper one, but it means a lot to me.

Depending on the number of pages in the books, bookmarks are always being squashed.  The fear or resignation they must feel, when we stop reading, has to be quite intense.  Imagine being constantly crushed between the covers of a book for your entire life, with brief breaks while being transferred from one book to another.  And once in a book, a bookmark can’t even read, since it’s way too dark and it’s flat against two pages.  Poor things.

So, next time you’re reading and move your bookmark, take a second to say thanks for all the important work that it does.



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6 Responses to The BOOKMARK…

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh, I do and have all those things you mention. I even occasionally put a book with the inside pages open down somewhere if I can’t find a (new, another) bookmark readily. Because I read EVERYWHERE, anytime, always, and although I own hundreds of bookmarks, it seems to me too that I never have the ‘right one’ with me when and where I need it. But I shall thank every single one I find in the coming days for its important work! 🙂

    • I too read everywhere and hove books all over, so I can just pick one up. LOL It’s a funny thing about bookmarks. Never the right one when you need it. 🙂

      • Kiki says:

        Update on bookmarks: Since yesterday we are frantically searching for an important letter – guess where I just pulled it out 5′ ago? Yep – my book I’m finding difficult to read because I am not terribly interested in the historical theme but ADORE and read everything by its writer…… 😉

      • Hahaha we do use whatever is at hand. I’m so glad you found the letter. I know what you mean about a favorite author but not liking everything the author writes. That happens a lot.

  2. Interesting…I had never thought about the fact that they can’t read in there in the dark:) I have a collection of special bookmarks that I keep in a clear, upright container. Then I have others that I actually use…

    • I do the same thing. I have some regulars and then my favorites. 🙂 Still, more often than not, I just grab whatever is closest, a scrap of paper or whatever, and use that. 🙂

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