Okay, so…

This is a picture of our son (driver) and his best friend (standing in back), in one of our Trans-Ams. I loved our cars.  My daughter and I had never seen this picture, until last night.  My son has been dead for years and years and…years.

His best friend just ended up in the hospital and his wife texted my daughter and me right away.  He grew up hanging around our house.  She sent this picture last night.  She said he has always had it on the fridge, for all these MANY, MANY, years and he tells their two girls stories about what the two of them did (OMG you don’t ever want to know what they REALLY did), and he still misses him so much.  I am telling you the truth…that the police PARKED in front of our house, so they wouldn’t have to drive over here all the time.  You can’t imagine what it was like with him.  LOL

Anyway, I love this picture.  My grandson looks just like him.  Deb sent the picture to him, since he was only 5 when our son/his father died.

I told his friend’s wife to take the picture to the hospital and put it on top of him (he’s in a medically induced coma after he received a shot at the hospital that almost killed him).  I said if ANYONE could wake him up and get him back on his feet it would be Keith.  She said that was a great idea and she would do it.

They really were like brothers.  I don’t know how anyone put up with Keith but everyone loved him.  Well, he was fearless and crazy, so they lived vicariously through him.  I spent a lot of time at the hospital getting him patched up, after being fearless and crazy, however.

He was literally a perfect child, until I brought his sister home.  He asked my mom how long the baby was staying and she told him forever.  I don’t think he ever forgave me.  I don’t forgives me even now, after all these years.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this picture of both of them.  She said she would make a copy for me.  My daughter still has a hard time looking at pictures of him, as well as of her father.  So she won’t want one.

Now we have to get his best friend back to normal, so he can tell his kids more of the nicer stories about what they did..  We love him and can’t wait until he’s awake and we get god news.  ❤


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33 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. charlypriest says:

    Hope everything turns out fine with your sons best friend, and sorry for the loss of your son.

    • Thank you so very, very, much.

      • charlypriest says:

        My mother has terminal cancer and I basically have dropped everything and moved into her apartment to take care of her. So I don’t know how you were able to cope with the loss of a son, I´m a strong person in these extreme cases, but a son is a son. Although my mother is all for me, just gotta keep on doing all the household chores, keep track she takes all the pills ( they are a bunch and a half) going to the supermarket, e.t.c. and keep her smiling as long as she can, that is key also. I fucked up a lot in my life and she is the one that raised me, so the last thing I want her to remember is me being sober and taking care of her. So I can, I guess relate to a loose, although this loose is seeing her getting weaker and weaker by the day, a long long death. So trying to make life for her as comfortable and happy as she can possible can have under these circumstances.
        That is why I can in a sense relate to your loss.

      • It’s such a difficult thing to go through. Our son died of leukemia. Slow and terrifying. My husband died from the same thing. We do what we can for those we love. You sound like a wonderful daughter. Believe me, any mistakes or things you’re sorry for won’t matter to your mom. I love my daughter too. We all screw up, but you’re doing everything you can for the mom you love. No one can ask for more than that. I wish you strength and healing energy to get through what you’re going through. Best wishes to your mom.

      • charlypriest says:

        You had me smiling, I´m son, a male. No problem, the only thing we can do in these cases is to make her time here on earth as best she can live under the circumstances. The doctors pretty much have run out of new treatments so the end is near but we don’t know. Only God if there is one will know. We can only as I said make her days with us as formidable as possible under the circumstances, I´m pretty good with my dummy jokes at making her smile, she can´t even laugh she is so weak. But that smile is priceless. And also be strong no only for her but for us too.
        Appreciate the comment, don’t worry about mistaken my gender, I´m actually flattered by the way 😉
        Take care.

      • It’s too bad that so few men are like you, so that it doesn’t occur to us that a son would do what you’re doing. That’s sad. You’re mom is fortunate to have you. Thank you for waking me up. I’m sorry your mom is so sick but she will cross over knowing she was well loved by her son and, believe me, that matters.

  2. Friends like that are priceless, and it’s so hard to go on after losing one. Of the 5 of us in my close-knit friends, only 3 of us are left. One has been gone 25+ years now. We can’t all be together…ever…without bringing him up. Same with our most recent loss. Those memories…and crazy ass stunts we pulled ourselves, are some my most precious belongings. May his friend make a full and speedy recovery. The pic laid on his chest is wise. I’ll bet it works. Because, as much as I love my wife and boys, there’s nothing quite like loving a friend like a brother. Those bonds endure, and get us through the weeds when the shit hits the fan.

    • That’s so beautiful. You said it so perfectly. It’s been 20 years and he can’t get over him being gone. You know just how he feels. They did everything together, all through high school and after. I think both of you would do almost anything to get your friends back. They can never be replaced. Fortunately, you still have friends left. He doesn’t. I just heard from his wife and she said she told him about how much we loved picture and talked about Keith and read out texts to him. So, he’s alert but still has tubes everywhere. He was fine before he had the shot. His girls are in college and he brings them over so he can show him were he hung out and tell them more stories, so I can join in and make everything worse, which he loves, and it’s the truth. LOL Thank you for this. I truly love it.

  3. Marushka says:

    It sounds like you’re carrying multiple lives on your shoulders right now. I wish you the very best of luck, wisdom and comfort.

  4. Carol Anne says:

    I hope he gets well again, I am glad you have the picture now. A reminder of happier times!

  5. I wish him quick healing. And what a great picture! I’ll bet they sure had fun in that car. I’m sure Keith is present in spirit and watching over his friend.

  6. Such memories that photo must bring back to you. I’ll be thinking of your son’s friend and hoping for the best!

  7. Resa says:

    Beautiful, Gi! Fingers crossed, for all!

    • Thank you. She just texted…he’s still in intensive care but off the ventilator. He’s having trouble speaking but could be because of the tube he had down his throat. But he’s improving. 🙂 I’m thinking about your blueberry pie.

  8. Oh, enjoy it for me, please. Sigh. I almost bought a slice at Whole Foods today. I watched a long program on PBS about Amazon. OMG. I know you don’t buy from them. I’m going to try and stop but it really won’t make a bit of difference. In the end they will own the entire world and be the government, not only here, but in space as well.

  9. What a fabulous picture! What year as that do you think?
    I hope he is doing better…it really makes you not want to go to the dr for anything anymore…

    • I love the picture too. Can’t imagine who took it. Year was in the late 70’s. And yes, it makes you not want to go to the doctor or hospital. That was a SIDE EFFECT of the shot. He was fine, until they gave it to him.

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