The chicklets did a reenactment of the The Discovery of the Coop.  They embellished a bit, since in the beginning a few hens and a rooster just settled down in a field.  But the actors felt that the true story wasn’t thrilling enough, so they added an exciting boat ride over an ocean and a stay on an island, before coming to the spot where The Coop was founded.

Everyone was thrilled.  They stamped their feet and flapped their wings excitedly.  Everyone also knows the Henstory, since they learned about it in class.  The play was simply a fictional version.

The Stage Crew did a wonderful job on the boat.

Lois sang a beautiful song about the first hen house and then she told a story about what it’s like to have wings but not be able to fly.  (A lot of baby chicklets have a problem with that issue)

Lois’s speech

we are birds
we have wings
but we cannot fly
why not
wings are for flying
so why can’t we fly
why must we stay on the ground
fairies have wings
and they can fly
other birds can fly
why must the wings of chicklets
not work properly
I don’t know
no one knows
it’s very
someone said that our wings
are just
too small
so I ate more food
but it didn’t help
my wings did not grow larger
it’s very

I want to

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17 Responses to The play: THE DISCOVERY OF THE THE COOP

  1. beth says:

    wonderful dramatization of the event and tell Lois not to worry, her time will come

  2. ❤ The play sounds fantastic and the boat is superb.
    😦 Tell Lois that I understand, I'd like to fly too…

    • Flying is a subject that comes up often with chicklets. The newborns don’t understand why they have wings but can’t really use them. I’ll pass along your message. I’d love to be able to fly as well. At least I think I would. In the movies I always wondered how superman held up his legs. Hahaha

  3. Yes. Doesn’t seem fair. Like a big tease, which is what life is really like, I guess. I’m going to kick someone’s ass, if there’s someone thee, when I die. 🙂

  4. Ahhh! Lovely! We all want to fly!🧚🏼

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