the love we have experienced
never really leaves us
but the way people say that
as if it means something
always escapes me
I can’t feel his arms around me
his lips against mine
his hand will never again
be in mine
and his scent
is no longer on the sheets
I don’t hear his snickering
or laughter
his sighs
or words
the blue eyes are absent
and with it
his his smiles
his footsteps are missing
his key will never open the door
I can’t shove him
or throw my legs over him
sneak up behind him
show him things
I’m excited about
chat over breakfast
there’s no going to the movies
or getting a heart shaped pizza
on Valentine’s Day
no presents
no passion
no shared anything
and nothing about having his love
still with me
can make up for that loss
especially silly sayings

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10 Responses to Love…

  1. Your post reminded me of a special passage in a book I read….

    “EVEN IF you never see the person again, a significant former love remains with you. That woman or man is woven into the tapestry of your life – maybe as a subtle shading here and there, maybe as a vibrant pattern smack in the middle. Without those threads, the weaving would be something else. You would be someone else.
    -From If Only I Could Tell You, Our Past Loves

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