Okay, so…

Here’s the thing:  How do people expect to change ANYTHING, with love and kindness?No one ever says HOW  love and kindness will change anything, they just keep repeating it over and over and over again, as if by SAYING IT, something will actually happen.  That is the definition of insanity, remember?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to turn out differently.  Surely you’ve heard that before.

HOW will love and kindness change climate change, the declining animal population, loss of habitat, sexism, racism, the cost of living, the homeless situation, poverty, war, gangs, well, you get my drift.  All the people that keep saying love and kindness is what we need,  never say HOW they expect it to work.  They don’t EVER tell others what plan they have come up with that will do anything at all.

Helping someone carry their groceries isn’t changing the world.  Being nice, isn’t going to stop human trafficking.  It’s certainly not stoping priests from raping innocent children and men from raping their own children and beating, or killing, their wives or partners.  It’s not freeing an entire race held down on purpose by a white government that is filled with hate, greed and obsessed with power.  Nope, it’s not doing a single thing as far as the big picture is concerned.  And no, all the nice people will never be able to SPREAD what they consider niceness, around to everyone else.

As long as people believe that love and kindness is the answer to ANYTHING, we have no hope at all.  Being UNREALISTIC doesn’t change what is.  Wanting people to have enough food, doesn’t put bread on their table.  Praying about it, loving them, does NOTHING AT ALL to help people in need.  I don’t know why people don’t see that.

If people are truly loving and kind THEY WILL WORK TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT MAKES PEOPLE SUFFER IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Why don’t they get THAT?

Minimum wage isn’t enough to live on.  Giving people handouts doesn’t solve anything.  People need to be paid a fair wage, so they can TAKE OF THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES.

WAR is constant.  CONSTANT.  There is no longer a TIME OF PEACE.  War makes money and because of that,  it will never end.  So, maybe all those who think that love and kindness are the answers, should go to the front lines in a war zone and be kind and loving there.  Then, maybe they will see how useless those things are, when it comes to SOLVING THE ACTUAL  PROBLEMS WE HAVE. Let them look at the wounded, destroyed and dead kids laying on a battle field.  What good would their love and kindness BE on a battle field?  Would they tell the people getting shot that they should be loving and kind, or that they themselves are loving and kind? HOW would that help ANYONE AT ALL?  Wouldn’t it be better to work to END WAR and stop TALKING about love and kindness.  I think ending war is the most loving and kind act people can do, but ACT is the key word.  Not TALKING about ending war, doing something about it.

How can people not see that no one cares about love and kindness in Washington or government or the church?  They care about money and power and they LOVE IT when people walk around talking about love and kindness because they KNOW THAT THOSE PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP THEM FROM GETTING MORE MONEY AND POWER.

Terrified people, relying on what they were taught…to be passive, quiet, to take it, to believe that love and kindness will solve the problems of the world, won’t change the world into a better place.  And I hate to say it but some of those kind and loving people beat and torture the people in their own families, by the way.  A serial rapist, who raped people in churches, lived across the street from a friend of mine.  He was a big deal in his local church, was well respected, until they caught him.  Then his wife and their three daughters changed their name and move away, because daddy was a very bad man.  Everyone in his community, though he was  thought he was a kind loving man.  He was a rapist.

Love and kindness should NOT stop people from taking action.  If you LOVE someone you do what you have to do stop horrible things from happening to them.  You don’t just talk about your kid being beaten up in school, you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, at least you do if you want the beatings to stop.

People are so conditioned to OBEY, that they still support the catholic church and bring their children there.  If there was a school, where children were being raped repeatedly, I wonder if people would keep letting their kids attend.  What do you think?  Oh wait, of course they would, since they still bring their kids to church, a place where kids were repeatedly raped.

People SAY they care about children but they do NOTHING when they are raped across the globe by lying priests and higher ups who not only let it happen, they covered it up.  Higher ups who used the money, given by their  FLOCK, to pay off families, buying their silence, while using more of  the money to pay lawyers to cover things up.

Church parking lots are still full.  People don’t actually care enough about what happened to innocent CHILDREN to do anything for them.  Instead they show those children, by their continued obedience to the church, that what was done to them, doesn’t matter.  There is NO OTHER WAY to look at it.  There are no excuses for supporting an institution who allowed children to be raped on a regular basis for centuries and LIED about it and did not STOP IT.  Some of those kids killed themselves.  But parking lots are full.  How is that possible?  There are no excuses, so don’t even.   “Bring unto me your little children,” has a whole new meaning.  There are no logical consequences for what was done.

The catholic church, and the serial rapist priests, are proof of just deep brainwashing and conditioning goes.  When people can turn a blind eye toward the abuse of untold numbers of innocent children, in EVERY SINGLE place there was a catholic church, throughout the entire world, there is no hope for us.  The lives of children were destroyed, and people continue to go to church.  How can there be hope for us as a species, when people are too weak and blind to stand up for innocent children?  THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.  NOT FOR THE PRIESTS, THE CHURCH, OR FOR THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO SUPORT AN INSTITUTION THAT ALLOWED CHILDREN TO BE DESTROYED.

Here’s the way it works:  Everyone, sit down, shut up, raise your hand, and don’t make trouble.  That’s what kids are taught in school and they grow up to believe that’s how they should act.  Do you understand how pathetic we really are?  How deep the control over us goes?  People have to break through all that crap if they want to stop what’s happening.  But they won’t.  That’s the saddest part of all.

What’s happening now is like watching a huge fire where there hoses laying around everywhere, but someone said, “Don’t turn on the hoses,” so instead of DOING SOMETHING TO STOP THE FIRE, everyone stands around and watches everything burn to the ground.  That’s exactly what I see.  There ARE answers, but people would rather watch everything be destroyed, rather than go against what they were told to do, and turn on the hoses.

You want to stop kids from being raped by priests.  Shut down the church.  If you won’t do that, then don’t bring kids to church where priests are.  Don’t let priests in your home, where they also raped children.  Don’t let priests take your children on “outings,” where they also raped children.  Don’t let them near priests for any reason.  DON’T TAKE THEM TO A PLACE WHERE THEY SEE YOU SMILE AND BOW TO PRIESTS.  How hard can that be to understand?  The answers are there, no one will turn on the hoses.  People can’t turn on the hoses because their minds have been compromised and they are not allowed to think for themselves.  Most people are so damaged, they can’t even see the hoses.

In the end, the love and kindness people just try and make themselves feel better. Believing that they are doing something,  takes away the need to do actually do anything.  That’s part of the conditioning.  To make people believe that by doing nothing, they are doing something.  Keeps the bad guys safe, cozy and free to whatever they please, knowing that no one will every turn on the hoses.  Knowing that no matter what they do to children, even it it kills them, nothing will happen to them, or to the institution that protects them.

The government doesn’t have to stop sending out kids to die in wars, because we let them TAKE THEM.  Everything that’s happening is because we don’t do anything to stop those who are in charge, from burning everything to the ground, including our children and their future.

Well, as Porky Pig always says:  THHHHHT’S ALL FOLKS.  Remember, you reap what you sow.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Turn the hoses on full blast!
    Or maybe we should let it all burn to the ground…let the Earth start over without us.

  2. We’re going through a phase maybe… we can just hope and try for a change we can bring…. The worse thing is future is unpredictable in these terms….

    • We are definitely going through a massive change. But if people don’t decide how they want the future to be, Rich white men will and we can see what they have done so far. Slaver, inequality, violence, racism, never ending war, and all the rest. I don’t want them making decisions for me. Kids aren’t safe on the street, no one is safe. Is that how we want things to continue? We need to ask those questions and if we don’t like the answers, we need to make sure things turn around. We all live here. We all have a voice, but only the rich get to speak.

      • We all can speak but the difference is our voice is less heard or ignored but if we are stubborn enough, we can dent a hole and may succeed slowly. It’s a slow process. But it’s not like we’ll never be heard. If the voices are constant and obstinate… they’ll surely get their own attention. It’s just the matter of time.

      • How much time do you think we have? That’s the thing. We have been working for years to bring about even small changes but they can be take away with the stroke of a pen. Generations have been fighting for the same thing and we still don’t have equality in any way. The power structure is one sided, run by one kind of person, there is only one voice, that of rich white males. We all work for them and die for them. We need to change that in a dramatic way, not by inches, before more generations die having devoted their lives to the same thing. We need to change what we are doing.

  3. Resa says:

    The priests know how vile and disgusting they are. That’s why they need to keep raping children.
    No one else will have them, because they are vile and disgusting.
    So many of the devoted LOVE pope john paul. Yet, he took cardinal (f)law in when he was ousted in Boston.
    He was a pope, but he was a rapist, even if he never carried out a rape. He harboured the rapists, and just as bad, he aided and abetted a cardinal who hid the rapist priests from the parishioners, the law and truth.
    The Vatican should be liquidated, and the money used to help the poor.

    • The money, art, books, gems and gold the catholic church hoards could help the entire world. Like everyone else in power, they only help themselves.

      Yes, they protected the rapists and allowed them to continue raping. And people still go to their churches. That’s as bad as what the priests did, as far as I’m concerned. Because by going, they are telling the raped kids/adults that they don’t care about what happened to them.

  4. And evil. I’m going to try and paint this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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