How they met…2 Judith

“I met a guy today.  At least I think it was a guy.  Looked like a guy, what I could see of him, anyway.  His body, I mean.”

“What are you talking about?” asked her friend, pulling up a chair.

“He was an alien and had a weird, but beautiful, full metal thing on his head. He needed it to breath.  He was on his way to Mars but said he might stop by again, on his way back to somewhere else, maybe where he lives.”

Her friend stared at her.

“His name was Four.”

She stared some more.

“I am not making this up.  He was a real alien and…”

“What does he look like without the face thing?”

“He can’t take it off because if he does, he’ll suffocate.”

“And you fell for that?” she sighed.  “Could you see his eyes?”

“No.  I’m not sure he has any.  I mean he can see, but I don’t know how, not exactly, anyway.”

“I don’t know what to say.  Well, other than you’re INSANE.”

“You know we aren’t alone.  Look at trump and his friends.”

“That’s an excellent point, but still.  Aliens don’t just stop by and speak our language, then go to Mars.”

“How do you know what aliens do?”

“I don’t.”

“Neither do I, but we know what trump, is one.  Besides, there are different types of aliens.  At least that’s what Four said.  I think trump and the rest of the government are lizard aliens, the really mean and ugly ones.  They’re all about hatred, death and destruction.”

“While I believe the lizard government part, you still have to see his face. I mean humans have to see faces, it’s how we process information about each other.”

“The rest of him looked kind of like a fish, not with fins or anything, but with a wetsuit.  He had a great body but it could have been held together by the tight suit and when he takes it off, if he can take it off, he might just flab out and turn into Jabba, or whatever his name is, from Star Wars.”

“You’re not thinking of being chained to him, are you?”

“No.  I don’t even know him and I could hardly breath just looking at that beautiful thing on his head.  I mean quality work, believe me, but it made me want to take my face off.”

“You can’t actually do that, can you?  Take your face off?”

“Now, you’re just being mean.”

“I think of it more as being sane.”

“I wonder if his kids would be named Two?  No, they would be named after the place they came from, so they would be Fours, as well.”

“Have some cake,” said her friend.  “You’re over thinking this.”

“Probably, but how many people get to talk to an alien?,” she asked.   “He thought that if someone gives you their name, like my grandmother, the person you took it from, no longer has a name, since they gave it away.”

“I can see why that would be confusing.”

“Me too.  He said with everyone being named Four, he’s confused too.”

“Don’t doubt it for a minute.”

“He said that by giving everyone the same name, it takes away each one’s individuality and with it their power.  Like the uniforms private schools make kids wear here on earth.  It’s a powerful tool that makes everyone the same and doesn’t celebrate their differences. but forces them into hive mind.  He said it basically erases their differences.”

“He’s right.”

“I know.”

“That’s what uniforms do. It’s what sameness does,” said her friend, softly. “They say it’s for other reasons but it’s not.”

“No.  It’s not, she agreed. “This cake is delicious.”

“Thanks.  Maybe you shouldn’t see him, if he stops here on his way to somewhere else.”

“Why?  He’s an alien, not dating material.  He might live in an ocean, for all I know.  Why else would he be wearing a wetsuit?  He may mate by spawning.”

“Spawning in building, or Area Four.”

“I wonder if he can eat food, or if he just absorbs it?”

“Okay, I think we should talk about something else.”

“What if he lays in a bathtub full of nutrients and that’s it.”

“SNAP OUT OF IT,” said her friend, laughing.

“I took a picture of him.”

“Why didn’t you START with that?”

She held up her phone.  “This is Four.”

Cyber, Technology, Security, Hacker

“Terrifying, you idiot.  You don’t TALK to beings who look like THAT!”

“Why not?”

“Because they LOOK LIKE THAT.”

“I’m not prejudiced against aliens.  Besides, he kind of cute.”

“CUTE?  You don’t even know what he looks like!  What if he’s leaking and gooey like Jimmy’s dog’s drool.”


“Exactly and what’s with the brush on top of his head?  You don’t even know if it’s a him.”

“You’re right, but you have to admit, the workmanship is pretty cool.”

“Yeah, it is, but that’s NOT the important part.”

“I know. I’m just having fun,” she snickered.  “Besides, I think he’s really a fish.”

They both laughed and had another piece of cake.

Meanwhile, on Mars, Four was having a hard time concentrating on the task at hand.  He was thinking about the woman he met on his stopover on earth.  She was beautiful and funny.  He wanted to tell her the truth, but that would have broken protocol.  It wouldn’t be the first time he got into trouble for doing that, and it definitely wouldn’t be the last, but still…  Maybe he should have made up a name, like Tom, or Joe, instead of telling her the truth.  “It’s hard,” he muttered.  “You don’t just walk up to someone and say, hey, I’m a human from the distant future and we can’t breath the air on earth because everything you’re doing is already poisoning you and those of us from the future, can’t even breath your air when we come back here to visit.   I mean,  you don’t just say that to someone.” But the more he thought about her, the more he thought maybe one did say something like that to someone.  “Talk about a long distance relationship” he laughed.  Then he went back to work.



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8 Responses to How they met…2 Judith

  1. bwcarey says:

    the power of four, there is a book by that name, and of course, there are shape shifters, how often have you met a so called friend, who says one thing to your face, and says something different about you to someone else. Sweet story, you could have been talking with bruno mars… have a great day

  2. A.S. says:

    WOW!! A Loooong distance relationship indeed! 😁😂😅

  3. Resa says:

    I can hardly wait for him/her to disrobe!

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