Think about it…

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You know, it’s not what’s coming thats bad, it’s who is in charge of what’s coming that is.  We can’t even figure out how to stop the government from doing what it’s doing.  Think about them in control of ALL resources, including how much money you are ALLOWED to HAVE.  That’s where the horror of all of this rests, in the greedy humans, not the machines.

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8 Responses to Think about it…

  1. bwcarey says:

    it’s why dreaming is so important…

  2. equinoxio21 says:

    There’s a Prez who orders an assassination on a foreign dignitary (whoever he was) which in my book is an act of war and doesn’t tell Congress? And Congress does zip? Bad times ahead…

  3. It was okay. How was yours? Better than mine I hope. LOLOL He does not represent the American public, at least not all of it. The KKK maybe and the skin heads but not most of us. Bad things are happening all over the globe. Australia, Venice, etc. Not good. I loved your last post. It was wonderful.

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