Okay, so…I was a littttttle hyper yesterday…LOLOLOL

I was walking through Barnes…yes…they were open on New Year’s Day, almost everything was open.  I was…mmm…restless.  None of the books looked good because I started a bunch of books at home and couldn’t get interested in any of them,  I’m reading this book:

and I actually like it a lot, but THERE ARE NO PICTURES.  If you’re writing about art, SHOW THE READER WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT WITH AT LEAST ONE PICTURE.  I still like the book, but it would have been fabulous if I knew what he was talking about.  I don’t want to have to look things up all the time, while I’m reading. He points out details of a painting without showing the reader THE PAINTING.

I started a couple of other books and couldn’t read more than five pages.  I did finish the 10th book in this series, because the books are fast, fun and I like all the characters, including the Hellhound, but then I love those dogs, so there is that.  The only problem is that the dog is always asking for food and it’s starting to get to me.  The author needs to dial it down a little.  Other than that, I wish the author would write faster.  I tried to read a couple of his other series but I only like this one…Montague and Strong.  It will be fun if you start it because you’ll have 10 books to read and there are short wee books in between, if you want extra info, which I didn’t.

The Golem: A Montague & Strong Detective Novel (Montague & Strong Case Files Book 10)

Jim Butcher’s PEACE TALKS  (The Dresden Files) is available for pre-order.  It comes out this summer and it’s 400 pages long.  I can’t wait and there are a million other people who can’t wait either.  I don’t like his other series.  The Dresden Files takes place in Chicago and the characters are great.

I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to novels.  That’s why I never read them.  Okay, once in a great while, if a book is about books, a bookstore, or Paris, I MIGHT look into it, but that’s it.  Show me a saga, yuk.  Small town, weepy women…Oval Mice Goggles…NO WAY.

Sometimes, if a book aggravates me I just recycle it, so no other person gets it by accident and has to dislike it as much as I do, after the fifth page.  Yes, yes, someone else would probably love it, but it’s too much of a responsibility, on my part, to just put it back out there.  Really, we all have very different taste but I just throw the bad ones out.  Maybe it can be recycled into something wonderful.

I do like books on artists and this one is on the table in front of me.  I’ve read a couple of books on him.  Usually I read about women artists and how patriarchy has done everything in its power to crush them, but hey, that’s what patriarchy does.  It kills everything. 

Anyway, I sat in the cafe, at Barnes, and drew and wrote and then went to different places and bought a nice loaf of crusty Italian bread and cat food for Emily.  I have an entire cabinet filled with cat food but she changed her mind about all of those flavor and she likes something else now.  I get her whatever she wants, since I do that for myself.  I figure fair is fair.  If I get to have what I want, then she should too.  She’s sweet.  I barely deserver her.  She can have anything she wants, whenever she wants it.  She is in charge, after all. I just follow instructions and I’m okay with that.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a LOT, sometimes a book a day but that’s the way it goes.  Now I’m in the, I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING INTERESTING, stage, which I do not like at all.  That’s when I start writing and drawing in books and editing and rewriting them a little.  Just a little.  But this will go away and then something will come along and push me in the right direction. 

I told you I liked this one but I can’t eat at any of the places, unless I go back to Paris, which is something I would really like to do but Emily said she won’t leave the yard and she doesn’t want to fly, even if I hold her on my lap.  Since she had never let me pick her up…I’m staying here.  But it was a fun book with good pictures of people and Paris, not just food.  I wouldn’t have bought it for pictures of food.  I bought it to get the pictures of Paris.  That’s always the reason I buy French Cookbooks…for the pictures of Paris.  There’s only one good author for that, however, Hillary Davis,  and I have all three of her books, because the pictures of Paris are fabulous.  I don’t cook.  Ever.

I guess I’ll read more of the art book and then start the street art book and read them both at the same time.

Hopefully, my mood will change quickly and I’ll be going through one book after another and then it will be summer.  Sixteen weeks until May.  I live in the now, but it’s nice to know that the NOW in 16 weeks, will be summer.


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2 Responses to Okay, so…I was a littttttle hyper yesterday…LOLOLOL

  1. Amusing, that you buy French cookbooks for the photos of France:)

    • I can’t help it. LOLOL I love Paris and only but the ones from there, if they have fabulous pictures of the markets and Paris itself. Sometimes the pictures are better than they are in books on Paris. Bigger and beautiful. Her cookbooks are wonderful, filled with them.

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