Art and the philosophy of life

The Camera Club has been working non-stop.  Between Chickmas Eve, Lois and the New Year’s Eve Party, they have been taking pictures like crazy.  So, when they were asked to take THE YEAR OF THE RAT photographs, they blocked off ten minutes.

Ivy grabbed Squeak, who was in ballet class, and ran to the studio.  This was the best of the lot.

Happy YEAR OF THE RAT, from everyone at The Coop.

Comments on: "2020 The Year of the Rat…story below" (10)

  1. have a great knew year, send the chicklets a smile too, amen

  2. Such good improv!

    • It’s be nice to rats year. I’m always nice to them but a lot of people aren’t. So they need to stop being mean and treat them with respect, since it’s their year. Right?

      • I really want to say yes but unfortunately there a bit of a pest around here. However, for you, for now… BE NICE TO RATS 😣

      • Thank you. I appreciate that. I know they can be a problem. Some of the water rats can be huge. They’re just trying to get along and stay alive. I don’t know what the answers are, I just know I’ve loved all the rats we had as pets. They were so sweet and so much fun. Intelligent, immaculate and clever. We all loved them and played with them all the time. ❤

      • I agree, I think as a pet they can have a personality of there own and be quite loving.

      • Definitely. They are loving and very sweet. Charming and so playful. That bad part is their short life spans. Two years, no matter what you do. We were always in tears. I loved each and every one.

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