There’s a lot going on at The Coop…

Dandelion, wearing her new QUEEN shirt, and headphones, is in charge of Lois this morning.  She’s been pushing her in the swing and reading stories to her.  Lacey’s  along for support and Puppy, who never goes anywhere without his new toy, is fast asleep.

Yellow bird is helping with the decorations for the New Year’s Eve party and the sign up sheets are full.  Tomorrow there’s a dress rehearsal.

The Kitchen Crew has been baking cookies and corn bread, as well as other treats.  They have come up with a new seed mixture, they hope everyone will like.  Food for all the guests has been delivered and everyone is very happy.

Lois wants to chirp a short poem, so the chicklets are looking forward to hearing her on stage, for the very first time.  In a couple of days, she’ll be able to go out with the other chicklets and not need as much supervision.

The New Year’s Eve Party is going to be all silver glitter and stars.  The Costume Committee has been extremely busy and DJ is ready to go.

Lois suggested a coloring contest but there’s not enough time.  Everyone loved the idea, so they are going to have a coloring contest for the Valentine’s Day.  The chicklets think Lois will end up on the Events Committee since she’s already coming up with such good ideas.

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10 Responses to There’s a lot going on at The Coop…

  1. beth says:

    she was born a natural party planner.

  2. We all know Lois is a mover and shaker so I’m glad she’ll be in the committee!😊

  3. Oh, definitely. Runway will definitely be involved. ❤

  4. I missed a lot of goings on at the Coop… Lois is lovely! This painting is wonderful btw.

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