Art and the philosophy of life

So, there is a fire hall that has a Golden, as their firehouse dog.
They have been collecting toys, Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids. The fire people noticed a few toys missing. They didn’t know what the???
They put a cam on the toys. Turns out the dog had been picking out ones he liked, and was hiding them near his bed… under a desk or something. They replaced all missing toys.
No charges will be laid.
Lol! I was warmed and amused when I saw this today.


Comments on: "Resa wrote this in the COMMENT section of one of my posts and it’s wonderful" (7)

  1. Thanks Gi!!!

  2. Love this; I can see it clearly as a picture book…

    • Me too. I think it’s so incredibly sweet. I hope he enjoys all of his toys. People would give him anything he wants anyway, he’s so adorable, hiding them by his bed. Hahahaha

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