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Okay, so…

Life is short, no matter how you look at it.  Think how long forever is, then think about how long we live.   See?  Not long at all.  In the scheme of things, were like pulling kleenex out of a box, when you get to the end, another generations is gone. We fall like a house of cards.  And, it never stops.

Once we’re gone, a new generation moves into place.  It’s like a huge and never ending production line.  Like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory but without the perks. When a generation is gone, so are their memories and experiences.  Forever.  The Great Depression is something we’ve all heard about, but even if we’ve read books on it, we can’t know what it felt like to get up one morning and find the banks closed and people jumping off of buildings.

No one will know what it’s like to be alive right now, once we’re all gone.  

Kids think about the 60’s and dress like hippies, but they don’t really get it.  Once all of us are gone, that will be gone as well, and they’ll believe they know what it was all about, when they can’t possibly know what it felt like to be part of it. Things ONLY exist in the moment they are happening.

It’s always like that.  It’s like that for every generation.  But here’s the thing…people always say, “We don’t learn from past mistakes.”  That’s because we didn’t make them.  We don’t even learn from the mistakes we do make, let alone the mistakes other people made. That’s why kid think their parents are insane when they say, “I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.”  What?  We’re here to make our own mistakes and can’t possibly identify with those made by others.  That’s why we’ll never change.  We all make the same mistakes over and over and over, just wearing different outfits and having different hair styles.

We live on a  Mobius Strip of insanity, going around and around, unable to get off of it, or even realize that we’re on it.  We’re  just repeating everything until the next group is up.  We can’t think like the people in the past and we can’t think like the people who will be in the future, if there is one.  We’re stuck right here, in this very moment, destroying everything, and we can’t stop what we’re doing, we just keep walking on the Strip that never ends, like good hamsters on our wheel.  And we spend our few moments of life killing everything, or letting idiots kill everything while we remain silent.

Look, I’m not saying that if past generations had the tech we do, that they wouldn’t have killed everything.  They just didn’t have the right equipment, or access to the entire world on a tiny screen.  Their dissatisfaction and hatred, their insanity and strangeness, was more localized. Besides, war wasn’t a money machine back then.  Greed wasn’t on the top of the menu, at least so much so that they noticed.

So, we’re all here for an itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, moment and we kill people and the environment, and make everyone suffer.  Or, we remain silent and let the bad things happen.  People write books,  take pictures, and write songs about all the terrible things that are happening to people and the environment.  They make money and get grants, on the suffering of others.  But not much they do seems to lighten the misery of those they highlight.   When a person is suffering, or afraid, hungry, brutalized, or freezing, every second seems like a year and the seconds do not stop.  While people in power talk about the issues, poor and hungry, terrified and cold people are living through that timeline without relief, or even hope.

I don’t know what to do to change anything.  I used to think there had to be ways to make the world a better place.  I still think that, and the way to do it is to make human beings extinct.  I think that’s the only answer there is.  Radical?  Not really.  I mean we’re already on that path.  We are more detached from each other all the time.  Nowadays people shop on line so they don’t have to see anyone at all.   Kids talk to the person next to them on their phones, instead of face to face.  Kids go to collage and watch their classes on their computers while sitting in bed.  We are becoming more and more desensitized and alienated from each other.  When that happens, we care less about what happens to others and concentrate on what’s happening to us.  Pretty soon, there are no others.

Holly just told me about a boy who died on a cement slab in one of The Orange One’s detention camps.  That’s how we take care of the children of the world in America now.  That’s what we have already become.  A sick child left to die on a cement slab, killed by our disgusting leader and the American people who have allowed this to happen.  How  hideous we have become.  From leaders of the world to killers of innocent children.  Doesn’t take long to fall.   People used to flea their counties to escape what we are doing to them here.

Where can American’s flee to?  Who would want us?

Funny, how it’s christmas time and people are going crazy over a FAKE  baby in a manger but no one is going crazy about a REAL boy laying dead on a cement slab in America.  Seven children have died in American custody.  SEVEN CHILDREN!  Maybe, if they had been a gods with an invisible fathers, or something, oh, wait, they killed him too, didn’t they.  That’s what you do when you’re a species of killers…you kill.   You kill love, hope, trust, peace, and the future of others.  That’s what killers do.  That’s what we all do, by letting the killers do it.

Comments on: "Okay, so…" (9)

  1. powerful words and much needed food for thought. your last paragraph really brought it all home and tore at my heart.

  2. I heard about the orange guy’s cement death slab. He is agent orange!
    He makes me crazy. He’s making the world crazy.
    Did you catch the clip of Canada’s Prime Minister, Trudeau, making jokes about agent orange to world leaders? They were all laughing.
    I’m not ashamed, I just hope agent orange doesn’t do something nasty to punish Canada.

  3. Oh… love the rant! Love them all!

  4. Wow, an existential force.

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