There are some places…

There are some places that feel wrong. Places, where the silence is complete.  No birds sing.  Nothing moves in the brush.  Places where the air feels heavy and aware.  These places are not meant for us.  They are there for other beings, beings we know nothing about. These places send out psychic warnings, telling others to move away.  I think we should pay attention to those warnings and not trespass.

We would like to believe that the world is here just for us, but it is not. There are things here that are far older than we are, far smarter, far more dangerous.  They veil themselves, not to protect us, but to live apart from us.  They are different species, different worlds, simply sharing this space.  We should respect the boundaries they have set up.  Cross them at you’re own peril.

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14 Responses to There are some places…

  1. A.S. says:

    Chills and goosebumps!!

  2. Rivera says:

    Ummm…. think I’ll leave the light on tonight… 👽👻👾

  3. m.caimbeul says:

    The ancient Taoist believed every place has it’s own individual spirit. Some are full of the benevolent Tao and some are absent of all benevolence. I haven’t any doubt this is true along with their belief, “That which is not in harmony with Tao will soon perish.”

  4. Interest concept explained interestingly and I totally agree !!

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