The Last Person on Earth…

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We are all used to seeing others, and we are all used to being seen.  We pass people in the street and see them, everywhere we go.  A glance, perhaps a smile, maybe nothing at all, but we see and we are seen.  I don’t know if we truly understand how important that is.  It has nothing to do with being lonely, or egomaniacal.  It’s simply about being among others like ourselves, even if it’s only for a moment or two.

Imagine being the only person alive.  In the movies, the last person alive spends all of his time trying to find someone else.  ANYONE one else.  And we all know he’s going to find do just that.

But what if absolutely no one is alive but you.  Everything you’ve every wanted…you can have, right now, for free.  Everything, well, maybe not everything, but everything in material goods.  You can walk into a show room and drive away in the car of your choice.  There will be lots of gas, since you’ll be the only one filling up.  Food would eventually become a problem but not for awhile.  You can have all the books, furniture, money, EVERYTHING, you want just by taking it.  Of course, money would be useless.

At this point you would have to ask yourself…what is the value of anything, if you can have anything you want, but there’s no one to enjoy it with?  Where does meaning COME FROM?  If everything is there for the taking, what is it’s value?

It wouldn’t be long before things lost their meaning.  You could drive a Bugatti La Voiture Noire, but where would you go?  Would you do what Will Smith did and just spend your life looking for another living person.  The answer would to that question would most likely, be yes.

We give each other meaning.  Our lives depend on being around each other.  Even those people who are hermits, or recluses, know that other people are alive and out there.  They still have contact and receive goods, food, and other things that keep them alive.  They still interact with others, even if it doesn’t happen very often.

Being alone, strips the meaning from life.  We need each other to hold the illusion of life together.  We can’t dream it into being by ourselves.  Even now we depend on animals to keep our lives real.  People who are loners, often have dogs and cats.

Value comes from us as a group.  If you were completely alone, what would any of the paintings in any of the museums mean to you?  What would anything mean to you?  After a while, nothing would have any value, or any meaning, at all.

If you were the last person on earth, absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING would belong to you.  And every single thing would be meaningless and not worthless.

People need other people, in order for things to matter.  Aside from that, we need others to do things for us, to keep us healthy.  We are dependent upon each other in more ways than we think.

I don’t doubt that there might be a person who could live out his/her life alone.  It’s possible, that the only motivation for getting up, would be simply not to die.  Without each other, the reasons for actually doing anything, other than trying to survive,  would disappear.

Things only have meaning when we give them meaning.  If everyone disappeared, they would take the meanings with them.

People often say they have “cabin fever,” during the long hard winters.  They say they need to get out.  What they’re really saying is that they need to be around other people.  They can go out in their yards, if they have one, take a walk by themselves, but they don’t.  They go where people are, then they feel better and can go home again, at least until they need their next human fix.

Without each other, the dream dies.

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34 Responses to The Last Person on Earth…

  1. oldmainer says:

    Excellent piece Gigi. Isolation is counter to our sense of being. That is why solitary confinement is considered a punishment. What is the saying ‘NO MAN IS AN ISLAND’?

    • Even in solitary the guy knows others are out there. The idea of no one being anywhere is unimaginable. Think about the desolation and isolation forever, with no hope of ever seeing another living being. Although, with humans, you never know whether or not, if another guy showed up, they’d kill each other. LOLOLOL

  2. A.S. says:

    This made me think so much…whatever you said is totally spot on. To be the last one alive will be a nightmare… material things loose value so quickly.

    • They are only valuable if people want them. If no one is there to want them, they have no meaning. They only have the meaning we give them.

      • A.S. says:

        Yes, they do… and thinking about these things make things fall in perspective for me. It’s so easy to lose focus and concentrate on the things which are not the true treasure of our lives.

      • That’s the absolute truth. Our focus has been diverted to THINGS, rather than what’s important. People can’t make money off of the important things, that’s why we have become consumers, so people can make money. It’s always about economics. Always.

      • A.S. says:

        Indeed! All of the human race has been crippled by consumerism and with passing time, the shape it is taking is really ugly and disgusting, sometimes evenborderlining sinister.

      • And the amount of garbage we are producing is out of sight. We have no place to put all of it. We live in a throw away society that’s always looking for the next best thing. Dangerous combination.

      • A.S. says:

        Very dangerous! It is a nightmare…almost every city in India has mountains of piled waste around the outskirts. Dreadful ! 😦

      • It’s a huge problem. The US throws away so much clothing, it’s just packed in blocks. No one wants it and it’s a huge problem.

      • A.S. says:

        The list goes on. With uncountable problems at our hands, I can’t help but wonder how did my previous generations managed to screw up almost everything, despite being the “most intelligent” species on this planet. And worst of all, they seem to have none whatsoever intention of making it right.

      • The only reason they would fix anything was if they could get rich doing it. That’s the sad truth. There’s no money in peace, so we have never ending war. They won’t even let farmers use their own seeds,they are forcing them to BUY new seeds every year. Well, the list is too long to even contemplate, but unless they can get richer, they won’t do anything. They let big business pollute and pay fines, rather than force them to redo their plants so we can have clean air and water. This has been going on for YEARS.

      • A.S. says:

        Yes, it has. People like us do their bit to bring a change but I am afraid that it will never be enough to save us from what is about to come. We can only hope for the best.

      • I’m with you. Unless people act together, it will never be enough.

      • A.S. says:

        Me too. Hopefully, they would. 🙂
        (It was nice talking to you!)

      • You too. Thank you. I wouldn’t want to ever be here alone.

      • A.S. says:

        You and me both, infact, nobody would want that (even if they say so).

      • No, not if they thought it through. Imagine getting hurt and no one to help you. Nightmare. If ANYTHING happened, you’d be on your own. Can’t even imagine that.

      • A.S. says:

        Indeed! Happiness will have no meaning as there would be no one to share it with…imagine a constant state of nothingness! PURE TORTURE!

  3. I think I might have the distinction of being the only person in the world who can sit in a power chair wearing bright red shirt and pants and still be totally invisible. It has happened to me several times but the most amusing was the time i was in the laundry room alone and two ladies walked in talking, walked around me and began loading the washers, still talking to each other. When my dryer went off and I started my chair to take them out both of the ladies jumped so violently I was afraid they would put new openings in the room. They had not seen me in there until the dryer stopping and my turning the power chair on broke their concentration. At that time i felt as if I had been alone in the world. Very lonesome feeling.

  4. Resa says:

    True… I agree with that. You’d be in some kind of twilight zone episode, with no way out.

    • Exactly like that. Nothing would mean anything at all. How’s your next post coming along? I’m so looking forward to it. At thanksgiving, almost everything was vegetarian. 🙂 We all sat at one end of the table so we wouldn’t have to see the bird. 😦

      • Resa says:

        Coming along, nicely. I thought I was finished, then I got this bright idea! lol.
        Should be taking pics next week. Anyway, the cats have been vomiting a blue streak around the gown. I’ve been pinning the tail up when I go out and at night.
        It’s diabolical. They can’t vomit on the tail, so they vomit in a circle around the gown. It makes me think of a wagon train forming a circle, and the warriors riding around it.

      • OMG that’s hysterical. I can’t stop laughing. I can picture it so clearly. Once L was having a card game and one of the cats was on the top of his cat tree and started gagging and all the guys got up and ran. LOLOLOLOL

      • Resa says:

        That’s cats for ya!
        If they are happy, they nest and purr. If unhappy, they inform us with vomit and terror.

      • True enough. True enough.

  5. So true..How scary it would be!!

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