Wanderer, People, Man, Sleep, Tramp

it’s hard
for a lot of people
to imagine
laying down on a sidewalk
and going to sleep
it’s not something
most of us
would ever think of doing
but for a lot of folks
the street is all they have
whether mentally ill
or down on their luck
across the globe
are putting people
onto the street
homeless people
aren’t the problem
governments are

the homeless
are just one more
disenfranchised group
of citizens
who have no value
to the state
because they are poor

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8 Responses to Homeless…

  1. Resa says:

    9,000 homeless living in the street in Toronto last winter. Thousands more in shelters. I’ll try to put a pic in the next comment. I took it yesterday. It’s next door to me. The store has no tenants. A woman lives on the stone slab. She sleeps here at night, and part of the day.

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