The answer…a poem

Fear, Woman, Crack, Notch, Furrow

when your world
starts to crumble
and you think
all is lost
when you can’t
seem to pull yourself
out of the
dark pit
of fear
when you think all hope
is gone
there’s one thing
you can do
and it works
put on some music
when you move
to the beat
your mind
will recognize
the change
and pull you
of where you
have been
there’s joy
in dance
we were born
to move

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6 Responses to The answer…a poem

  1. Rivera says:

    Interesting concept. No doubt it would work..!!

    • Music and dancing…perfect for making things happy. Releases the happy things. That’s why kids do it all the time. People forget that. I dance a lot, even if only for a great song. Dancing IS happiness.

  2. V.J. Knutson says:

    Dancing cures all, I do believe!

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