The gang was out after breakfast (banana chocolate chip pancakes).

As the party gets closer, the rehearsals become more important.  Although, they are all doing very, very, well.  Marcy was in the Chickmas box and is bring a garland along to add some sparkle to her poem.

Beth suggested having the Baby Rhino Naming Ceremony at the party, so that’s what they are going to do.  The name has been chosen by Resa, Holly and Beth, and truthfully, it’s just wonderful.  The Naming should be fun.

Almost all of the guest have arrived, so the kitchen is practically working around the clock.  Everyone is pitching in and there has already been two food fights.  There’s a lot of peeping and chirping going on, since everyone is having a wonderful time.

Two piglets, a burro, five hens and about ten baby chicklets were rescued over the weekend.  Some of them are in bad shape, especially the hens.  The Warming Bunnies are with them and the hens are caring for them constantly.  The piglets are terrified, so the chicklets are taking turns reading to them and showing them how to use crayons,which they had never seen before.

There’s going to be a campfire tonight.  So, scary stories will be told, over hot chocolate and cornbread.

They asked me to mention that the Sewing and Knitting committee made hats for the geese and turkeys, as well as the ducks.  Everyone loves them, especially the hats with the ear flaps.  They did a great job.

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11 Responses to The gang was out after breakfast (banana chocolate chip pancakes).

  1. Adorable! Such a fun time of the year.

    • Everyone at The Coop is excited about all the festivities. The Decorating Committee is unpacking Chickmas boxes and things for the Turkey Party as well. Everyone is busy and having a wonderful time.

  2. equinoxio21 says:

    YOU did a great job. Both Art and “Copy” as my Advertising friends would say.
    Thanks for both.

  3. Resa says:

    Can the pink mouse I found come and live at the coop? He’s eating garbage in the alley.
    I can hardly wait for the name unveiling!!!

  4. I’m knitting mittens In rainbow colors and a woolen scarf for baby Rhino. He needs a name so the party can’t come around to soon!

  5. Oh, the baby will love them. Absolutely love them. You might have to teach the chicklets how to make mittens.

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