A Boy and His Dog…

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Looks like a boy and his dog, doesn’t it?  But sometimes what we see isn’t what we get.  We should all know that by now, but we continue to make assumptions, so we can get through each day, as quickly and easily as possible.  Anyone will tell you that we can’t question everything.  No one can do that.

So, about the boy and his dog.  Here’s the thing.   Imagine an alien spaceship.  Picture the Starship Enterprise, only a lot bigger. Well, a being who lived on that ship hacked into a library system on the planet earth.  He decoded our language and began to read.  Eventually, he, and I use that gender loosely, fixated on a story about a boy and his dog.  He read the book several times and decided that he wanted to see a living dog.  Actually, what he really wanted, was to be the boy, who had a dog.

Eventually, he put in a request to travel to earth, become a human boy, and have a dog.  Since the alien group didn’t have a sense of humor, no one laughed at him, but they didn’t understand him either.  So he put in another request, which got him called into the place where the AI who controlled all what went on, was set up. He was asked to explain.  He pleaded his case and was told that a decision would be made and handed down.

He waited.  Anyone would, right?  I mean he wanted to be a boy with a dog more than anything in the universe, and he’d seen the universe.

Time is relative, but it seemed to pass slowly, until a drone appeared and handed him a dot.  he took it and and heard a voice tell him that his request had been granted. He would be beamed down at 46921.  He was overjoyed, if anyone truly can be over joyed.  He went to the station, stood on the mark, and was suddenly standing on a street, looking  like a human boy.  Attached to a lead was a living dog.  His dream had come true.  He stood in the beam and stared at the dog, as it wagged his tail.  He knew that if he stepped outside the circle of light, he would be stranded.  He couldn’t walk the dog and the dog definitely wanted to walk.

His clothes felt strange and his body didn’t feel familiar in any way at all.  But he was fascinated by the fuzzy dog.  He couldn’t believe he was standing there with a dog.  He thought about what it would be like to stay for awhile.  All he had to do was come back to this spot every night at the same time and eventually, they’d come back and pick him up.  At least he hoped they would.  He couldn’t take the dog back with him.  Could he?  No, it was an earth dog and should stay where he belonged.  He looked around. He’d never seen anything like it.  He had studied earthlings but studying them and being one of them, were two different things.

A female walked by, said, “Cute dog,” and kept walking.

Then a male came up to the edge of the circle of light.  “You thinking about staying?”

He just stared at him, while the dog kept pulling him to the side.

“I know what you are,” said the man, kindly.  “I’m just like you.”

“I’m a boy with a dog.”

“Sure you are.  Listen kid, I stayed.  It’s hard, at first, but it gets easier the longer you’re here.  After awhile, you won’t even think about going back, but you’ll be more human than what you were before.  Just so you know.  You won’t believe what it’s like to have a cold,” he snickered.  “There are a few of us who live near here.  We get together to eat and talk about things.  If you want to stay, or at least try it, I can take you to them.”

“How long have you been here?”

The man smiled.  “Let’s just say I missed the dinosaurs by a few years.  Whats your dog’s name?”

The boy looked at the dog, sitting by his foot.  “Four.”

“Nah, we don’t call others by numbers here.  He needs a name.  Something like Duke, or Spike.”

“I like Four.”

“Four it is, then, laughed the man.  “Come on kid, it’s getting late.  Everyone will be happy to see you.  If you change your mind, you can come back here tomorrow night.”

The boy nodded once and stepped out of the circle, which disappeared instantly.  When  the dog started walking, the boy started following.




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4 Responses to A Boy and His Dog…

  1. Wow, he has quite a backstory! Interesting concept…

  2. Bulbul says:

    So creative and amazingly written! 🙂

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