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“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can think bravely, excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence.”–Eleanor Roosevelt (The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt) Shared for the last nine words of the quote.

via Eleanor Roosevelt on Life — A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.

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  1. I confess I know close to nothing about Eleanor Roosevelt. Though I understand she was a woman of very high importance in the US.
    I do remember going to a Bob Marley concert in NY, c.1979, with a young woman called Roosevelt. She was in the group, and I asked her: “Roosevelt as in Teddy or Franklin D.?” She said “Both”. 😉
    Concert was fab. Never saw her again.

    • She was the most amazing woman. A woman of the people. She went down into coal mines and worked for everyone. Generous, intelligent and dedicated to making life better for everyone. Her husband, the president, had a mistress, so when he was dying, she told her to go and sit with him, She had other things to do. She was wonderful and never put on airs and people loved her. Still do.

      • Thanks for the History. Didn’t know that a bout FDR. De Gaulle and the Free French Forces had a very difficult relationship with FDR. He was full of of prejudiced ideas… I will look up Eleanor in more detail.

      • America is nuts, but then what country isn’t in it’s own way, right? The American people are never told the truth. Never. Whistleblowers are the only time we know what’s going on, at least for a few minutes.

      • I have this nagging feeling that no-one is ever told the truth. A dear friend from Grad school always tells me when I ask her how things are: “They lied to us!”. 😉
        I think she’s right… Darn

      • I believe that completely. We are never told the truth and have no idea what’s going on. We are the slaves who die, while the idiots play dice with our lives. And we let them do it.

      • Yes, we do. And yet… I insist that never has humanity been so “educated”. Most can now read and write, for Pete’s sake. There are about 75 million Worpress sites. Surely most of them are good people? Willing to think? 🙂

      • I don’t know what’s going on. If education meant anything we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’m guessing our horribleness overrides intelligence. Or, maybe what we think of as education…isn’t.

      • Probably both. I know a few mean, nasty, ignorant PhD’s… (Let’s remember the horrors of politics in Academia). And great, smart people who haven’t finished high school.
        A number of big politicos here went to Grad school in the US. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and don’t seem to have learned anything.
        I also suspect current teachers are products of their times. And not necessarily examples of integrity. The amount of cheating and plagiarism in scientific publications is on the increase I hear…
        We just need the wheel to turn around again I guess… Be good.

      • That’s all true and they’re trying to get rid of people who know what they’re doing but have been there a long time and are making too much money. Some of the classes in college are being taught by TA’s. There seems to be a lack of…quality and professionalism.

      • Increasingly. There will be Hell to pay. Eventually. 🙂

  2. What an extraordinary woman. This quote is a new one to me, and very timely. Thank you.

    • I agree, she was an extraordinary woman. I reblogged this from: A Small Press Life. I too think it’s a great quote. She was amazing and her own woman. She was a woman of the people. I glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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