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Word Press…

Word Press continues to make blogging more unpleasant with every change.  Now, when I want to hit “Like” all the other people who have pressed “like” show up and it’s very easy to hit one of them by accident and get transported to a blog you have no interest in and then you have to spend more time getting back to where you were and it’s almost enough to make we want to stop blogging.  They made all the pictures so small they’re like slits so you have to OPEN each picture you want to see, now they’r screwing around with this.  Everything they do takes more time and, frankly, I’m sick of it.   This is the latest idiotic thing they’ve done, as if we need to have every person pop up when we want to like something.  Amazingly stupid.

I think they must get fired if they don’t come up with something annoying every other month.

I don’t know how much more I can stand.  I don’t know about you, but blogging is supposed to be fun, not a maze made up by people who need to find something to do at work that will help bloggers not make their lives more difficult.

Maybe it’s just me but it makes me not way to do this anymore.


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  1. BIG (((HUGS))), Gigi! This too shall pass!

    • LOL I know, you’re right. I just spent way too much time trying to get out of different blogs. LOL And there’s no reason for them to put all those things right on the button. I so hope all your sweet babies feel better. You too, of course. I know how stressful and terrifying it can be. Sending hugs and love to all of you.

      • I saw what you are talking about today and my immediate response was HUH? Thank you about my babies …. I am not allowing fear to overrule me. Singing is really helping me. For real. Bless you for the hugs, Gigi. I SO feel them!! xo

  2. Hello Gigi,
    I have noticed this too, and it is very frustrating. (I know, it is “first world problems”…)
    In my case, in addition to what you have observed, when I try to scroll down my Reader, it will suddenly “freeze” and then scroll back up. It becomes a task because I must then try and relocated where I had first started…
    Sending you warm wishes as always.

    • Yes I am seeing both the freeze and scroll up in the reader, and the unwanted list of likers and find it distracting and annoying, not an improvement by any means, but a devolvement.

      • It’s a devilment! Or, a devilopment.

      • Perfect. That’s exactly what it is. No reason for it except to annoy some of us.

      • Thank you. Everything they do takes more time and effort. What they just did serves not purpose at all except as a distraction and again, something that takes more time to undo. I still don’t like the tiny pictures of the posts and now they have this annoying list popping up. I can’t believe they keep adding things that we do not want or like for no reason at all.

    • That’s what it is…frustrating. Sigh. I do not like the frozen screens, or having to find the place you were, either. I’m already used to the names in a row when you press like, but the thing is…why? It doesn’t serve a purpose or make sense, it’s more of a distraction. But, I don’t think there’s anything to be done about it. It would be nice if we could say that we don’t want certain things and just have them removed. Thank you so much for letting me know what you were experiencing as well. I really appreciate it. Hugs and happiness to you always. 🙂

  3. I recently downgraded from a premium account to a personal account. WordPress has become to big for their own good, bigger and not better. This is the death nail for all the tech companies. I only stay for the interactions with a few loyal friends.

    • I feel the same way. I have made wonderful friends here and I do love the photographs and artwork, poetry and flowers but enough with the stupidity of their changes. I think you’re right about the death nail. It’s as if once they have a good thing going they can’t stop themselves from ruining it.

  4. All the social media platforms are being affected my these terrible updates.

  5. I was discombobulated by it at first too, but I’ve got used to it already, and it’s actually really useful for helping me visit people who’ve visited our site. I just put it in the reader and there they all are to click on and visit one at a time. 😀

  6. Agree! It’s like having fleas attack your wrist when you hit like!
    At least I’ve managed to hold on to using the old editor, which they call the Classic editor. Yesterday my arrow brushed over something & I found myself in the NEW Block editor (Blockhead editor)
    It took me a half hour to figure out what I should click on, to get back to the Classic.
    Having complained about that, I must say every time I’ve had to contact them about an issue, they have been extremely helpful, and solved the problem for/or with me.

  7. “Good” to see that others are experiencing that freeze and jump back thing; I thought it might be my computer!

  8. I was most irritated when the proofreading tool disappeared (from the editor screen).
    No announcement, consultation, or option to keep it.
    How can making facilities WORSE be called an “improvement”!?

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