Okay, so…

It seems to me, that people always want to believe that humans aren’t actually what they inherently are.  Many, even most, people would like to believe that we’re kind, generous, caring and honest.  We aren’t.  I think it’s important to know the difference between what we’d like people to be like and what they are.  Maybe…if we faced the facts, we could do something about what’s happening in the world.

The worst of us are in charge.  Not just in the US but across the globe.  A suppression of freedom, policed states, dictatorships, loss of free speech, camera’s on every corner and death, always death.  Things are eroding quickly and the bad things, the things that are NOT life affirming, are taking more and more away from the everyday people.

By constantly denying what we truly are, we can’t do anything to change.  We can’t stop killing the earth and each other because we believe that only a few of us are insane, when, in fact, it’s insane for the rest of us to allow what’s happening…to continue.  Unless one identifies the problem, there can be no solution.   We have allowed violence to rule us and if we want things to change, to a more life affirming way of life, we have to stop the people who spew hatred, death, control over others,  and division.  Those killing their own citizens, forced poverty, racism, sexism and every horrible thing that makes us so much LESS, must be reversed.  If we continue on this path, slavery and hatred, destitution and environmental disaster,  will be the legacy we leave to any future generations that may be able to exist.

The people who are “comfortable,” must join those who are persecuted, if we are ever to become united.  People have the power to bring about change, they have been brainwashed to believe they do not.  We have to stop environmental collapse, and the exiting policed state, if we want our kids to survive and be free.  If we want wildlife, oceans and food, to survive, we have to stop kidding ourselves and do something that makes a difference.

I don’t believe Orwell, went far enough.  He stopped before the actual END of everything.   We are headed toward the end. That’s not a doomsday prediction, it’s a reality.  Without bees, it’s over, without a lot of things that are already dying, it’s over.  These aren’t predictions, they are realities.  Things are dying.  Kids can’t breath.

The government has it’s own interests at heart, not ours.  We are the herd.  Do not forget that that is what they call us.  We are the ones who send our children to die so the rich people can stay home and make more money.  We are living in an illusion of freedom.  Illusions aren’t real.  People need to wake up.

People need to think about what we are.  We are death, to everything we touch.  If you’re okay with that, then turn on you’re favorite program and just wait until things play out.  If you’re not okay with that, then you, and the rest of us, need to think about what we can do right NOW, to change what’s happening before nothing we ever do will matter.  I think we have to ask ourselves if we CAN change.  Then we have to ask ourselves if we really want to.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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9 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    Makes sense to me.

  2. equinoxio21 says:

    And sayin’ right. Princess Holly talked in one comment about the sheeples who elected the Crook. Maybe we are the sheeples?

  3. equinoxio21 says:

    Not that we, the sheeples voted for him, but…
    Or should we say: “We the sheeple…”?
    (Just sayin’)

    • I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Corruption runs deep. Very,very deep.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        Indeed. I was just talking to my brother-in-law in Colombia, they’re up to their neck in corruption. Bad. And you know what the world-wide problem is? Public spending. Our cynical politicians are using public spending (infrastructure, roads, bridges, et al) to fill their pockets. Even in poor countries there still is public spending and that’s their source of income. Same in France though more “under the table”. Sigh

  4. That’s all so true, about stealing the money for themselves. That’s always been the American way, however, just not on such an epic scale. And I don’t actually know who is good. I don’t trust anyone. Definitely not Biden, though.

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