Meet Joyce…

Hamster, Golden, Strawberry, Grass

Joyce is a lovely, free roaming, hamster.  She lives in a field behind a house with a garden.  She feels quite fortunate, since there’s a ready supply of food always available.  Once, the being who lived there came out of her house, so Joyce froze in place, and tried to blend in.  She thought she’d done a good job but from then on there was always a small pile of food, at the edge of the garden, as if the being left it there, just for her.

The woman in the house watched the hamster nibble her way through the garden.  She knew the hamster was partial to strawberries and made sure there were one or two of them available for her each day.  She also left a pile of mixed seeds for her, as well as the occasional cheeto.

A lovely friendship was born in that garden.  But then everyone knows, that’s what gardens are for.

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8 Responses to Meet Joyce…

  1. So beautiful. A love story unequalled.🥰

  2. Resa says:

    Le sniff! Joyce is amazing. How can we not love such sweet tiny creatures?

    • I was always surprised our Guinea Pigs and Hamsters had any fur left, from being kissed so much. LOLOL The unfortunate thing is their short life spans. Heartbreaking. Same with the wonderful rats and mice. Love to J & J. Em was out for pets, there was no wind and it was 40 this afternoon. A heatwave for sure. She’s so beautiful. 🙂

  3. I feed her. 🙂 Cats love people who feed her. Hahaha She does rub against me and on me. She lets me pet her and rub her ears. She’s so sweet. It wasn’t a below freezing today so she was happy to come out and play. I call her and tell her she’s a pretty girl and she comes out when i say that.

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