Turkey party…

Jack, Edna, wearing the glasses she won at the Halloween party, and Chestnut, are in charge of the Turkey party.  They are making decorations for the tables.  The chicklets  have rescued many turkeys over the years and several live at The Coop. All turkeys are invited.  The hens are making a special mixture of grain and seeds and there will be cornbread, ice cream and cake.  There will be games and prizes, as well.

The guests will sleep in the guest barn, guest house, as well as the large animal barn and the new Rhino House.  They expect a huge crowd of turkeys and will do their best to accommodate everyone.

There will be poetry readings, story time, and a bonfire (but no marshmallows because they’re sticky and sticky does not go well with feathers).  The Gondola has been put away for the winter but there will be a scavenger hunt around The Rubber Duck Pond.  A sing-a-long is planned for after dinner and five minuted of silence will be observed in memory of all the turkeys who will die this year because people want to eat them.  Some guests have lost loved ones and are brokenhearted.  The Warming Bunnies have offered to stay with those who are sad, if they so desire.  The Warming Bunnies are loving and kind and are always willing to help heal those who need healing.

The chicklets have a Turkey party every year, to show their love and appreciation for their beautiful friends.  November is the saddest month for birds.

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12 Responses to Turkey party…

  1. KRITIKA says:

    A nice message 🙂

  2. Rivera says:

    “.. sticky does not go well with feathers”. Great line..!!
    Even from a ‘cranky’ old man like me..
    An adorable story…!!

  3. beth says:

    so cute and we need to keep the birds’ spirits up!

  4. Resa says:

    Ahh, I want to come to the party of remembrance. I will bring my pet turkey, Turkey with me. Of course he is merely a memory.
    I’ll bring popcorn to eat, straw for nests and I can even do the Egg Dance for all.
    We must brave this day, in the best way, together.

  5. They are so happy that you are joining them. Very exciting.

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