I don’t watch the news because I don’t believe anything they say on the programs.  No one knows what’s really going on.  Anyway, I just watched, FRONTLINE, on PBS, because it was on AI.

It’s far worse than we thought.  It’s a two hour program and if you can watch it, please do.  Basically, 40-50 percent of jobs will be gone within the next 15 years and most will be white collar workers.  Then the blue collar workers will go.  But the white collars are the easiest to get rid of and replaced with AI.

The worst part, and this is happening right now…the rich are getting richer and the middle class is being erased and the poor are growing in number WITH NO WAY OF EVER GETTING OUT OF POVERTY.  Do you understand what that means? They actually SAID that.  No way of fighting our way out of poverty.  We won’t have any power or way to get money.  No jobs, no money and a class of filthy rich people making it happen.  The big rich companies and their founders/owners will be on top and all the rest of the people will be on the bottom.  Families, with both parents working two jobs each, can’t feed their kids.

One man said that in America, people always believed that their children would do better than they did.  He said that’s not a possibility any longer.

As I said, the program is 2 hours long.  It’s important to watch.

Driverless trucks are already delivering goods to drop off points, down highways.  AI will pretty much make us irrelevant.

One of the things they didn’t mention, and they tried to mention everything, is who do they think will buy, or use, their products, when everyone is living on the street?  Poverty has already destroyed entire towns, because AI has taken all the jobs.  They said using offshoring as an excuse for job loss isn’t true.  That only accounts for 20% the rest is because of AI.

They talked about face recognition and how we are under constant surveillance.  Everything we type, or click on, is data that’s used to manipulate us.

This program is terrifying.  And one of the guys from China is actually telling the truth about the bad side.  But he said it’s going to come whether we like it or not and there’s nothing we can do about it.

One woman said that with that kind of hopelessness and poverty, with no chance of work, suicide rates go up, as do heart attacks, and children in trouble and uneducated.

That’s where we’re headed.  That’s what America is BECOMING.  FIFTEEN YEARS and half of all jobs will be gone.  No time at all.  Our kids have no real futures any longer.

Ya know, a lot of the guys who are developing the programs are 20 years old.  They have no idea what the consequences of what they are doing really are.  They have no life experience and they are playing with real lives.  They are excited about what they can DO, not what they are DOING to other people.  It’s pathetic.

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6 Responses to FRONTLINE…

  1. Rivera says:

    “It’s pathetic.”, is an understatement..!!

  2. Resa says:

    The only way out, possibly, is to stop procreating.

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