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Comments on: "Today is…National Bison Day" (6)

  1. […] via Today is…National Bison Day — Rethinking Life […]

  2. I can’t believe people actually eat these beautiful creatures!

    • People don’t care. They’ll eat anything. Cruelty is taught from birth. Horrible, but true. There’s a group I support. They live at Yellowstone and try and protect the buffalo. I’ll post the address so people can donate or just know what’s going on. People don’t care about other beings. It’s so sad and shows what humans are truly like inside.

      • Disgusting what some people will eat. You and I… and some others DO NOT eat other living animals.
        I got so crazy once, I could hear carrots cry when I chopped them. Someone told me the only way to not hurt vegetables was to eat the food as you picked it.
        Yes, I stood in the garden and ate from the vine. I was about 24, and weighed about 90 lbs.
        I know I need to eat, and I do eat lots now. However, I draw the line at animals… even insects. I just read an article about how we will have to eat insects. Is there no end to the slaughter?

  3. No, there isn’t an end to it and when everything is gone…we’ll start on each other.

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