Masks…what if

while it might be true
that some people wear masks
maybe even all of us
what if people wore them
like the woman above
what if every person
painted themselves
to look
the way they felt
you know what would
we’d all get used to it
like everything else
it would be come
and then
one day
would go outside
without their paint
and everyone would be
maybe even afraid
and the cycle
would begin
because cycles


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8 Responses to Masks…what if

  1. Rivera says:

    How true.

  2. bwcarey says:

    if horse wore clothes, and bunny rabbits dyed their fur, cool green of course, reminds me of
    Joseph and his bright coat…have a great weekend

  3. Resa says:

    OBOY! The mini is coming back!

  4. Go for it!!! I want an autographed picture. 🙂

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