The Spider…a poem

there was an itty bitty spider
who climbed up a bad man’s
down went her fangs
and she poisoned him to death
when the sun came up
and the women found the
they built the spider
a home of her own
and fed her her
favorite food everyday
for the rest of her life
the spider had many children
and she taught all of them
how to hunt bad men
so the tradition
and the cemetery
quickly became
but the town
was full of
kind men
happy women
and really
who could ask
for more
than that

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6 Responses to The Spider…a poem

  1. bwcarey says:

    funny story, I have a few friendly spiders, they love a good story, but I wont be reading them this one, in case they get some ideas, well, maybe… haha

  2. Rivera says:

    I can be packed in 20 minutes… where did you say this town was…?? 😊

  3. LOL They’re keeping their whereabouts secret because they know everyone would want to live there.

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