Art and the philosophy of life

Well, the chicklets are up and on their way to a fabulous day.  They had some of Holly’s cornbread for breakfast, so they’re full and happy.  Beth is reading to the baby chicklets, after which, she’s going to the hospital to read to those how are healing.  Resa is dressing the chicklets who still need costumes, or just want to look fabulous.

Piglet Marie hasn’t put her costume on yet, but chicklet Diana is dressed as a Librarian.  The puppy next to her, is wearing bracelets, that the Jewlery Committee made just for him. Peter is dressed as a rabbit, since he thinks it’s fitting, since his name is Peter.  Bella is going as a dark Princess, since she saw Buffy and read a couple of vampire books.  Whitie, the cat is a Queen, wearing a tinfoil crown and Albert is a pumpkin.  Duckie is  a duck and has yet to get dressed.  I’m not sure which rhino is in the background.  And Bernard, the spider, was asked to please get into the photo.   Our favorite flyer is doing his thing, speeding round The Party Barn.  He’s going as Amelia Earheart.

They are on their way to the morning Poetry Slam.

Comments on: "Halloween morning at The Coop…" (12)

  1. There is a happy, busy energy in the Halloween air and everyone looks so cute.

  2. It was so much fun dressing the Chicklets! They appreciate as much and varied creativity, as possible. Although, it was not possible to outdo Diana’s costume, which I believe was an homage to you, lol, book bag and all! ❤

  3. Mercy, where was I ? So adorable ☺️

  4. Oh thank you. I was afraid I hit the wrong thing and an old one popped up. LOLOL Glad you liked it. I love Halloween.

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