Art and the philosophy of life

Halloween is not much fun
with snow
upon the ground
freezing temps
and icy streets
take all the joy
from chocolate treats
but costumes
squished beneath
warm coats
and voices raised
with glee
seems less like
and black cats
and more like

Comments on: "A Halloween Blizzard…A little while ago the winds were gusting at 19 mph and it was almost a whiteout. Visibility was extremely poor and sleet and snow were falling sideways. Hahahah Gotta love this place for making horrific weather whenever it feels like it. The leaves are still on the trees, the flowers are in the picture below. Yes, those were flowers up until today." (20)

  1. UCH! happy hallowe’en
    My niece, Sherrie said it was -14 in Winnipeg today. They’ve had snow for a couple of weeks now.

    OMG! How is Em???

  2. Wow!! Here in New England it’s a balmy 70. And pouring.

  3. That’s not right!!

  4. Here in Maine it was 68 yesterday afternoon and 34 in southern Indiana. Go figure.

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