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Okay, so…

Question Mark, Note, Duplicate, Request

I’ve noticed that today, in the era of GOOGLE and all the answers we will ever need and more, that when you ask someone a question, they don’t think, they don’t answer, they immediately LOOK IT UP.  Then they read the answer to you, or just send it to you.  This, in my opinion, stops discussion, stops thinking, and it also stops the mystery, the search, the wondering.  It’s like all the phone numbers we all knew by heart, but can no longer remember, because we simply press a button.  I believe we are on the verge of learning how to think about things.

When I talk to my daughter and wonder about something, she says, “Look it up,” or she looks it up while we’re talking and then gives me the answer.

I miss wondering about things and trying to find the answers.  It’s like unwrapping a gift. The wonder and excitement of finding out what’s inside is destroyed, if the thing is just handed to you in it’s original packaging  Where’s the surprise?

I think we are losing connections to each other, and to our thought processes, at an alarming rate.  We’re also taking the joy out of conversations and discovery.  Things are cold and clinical.  Printed in texts that are flat and boring.

I’ve stopped asking questions, or trying to have discussions about things, with a lot of people.  It’s no longer enjoyable.  It’s more like being in a stuffy classroom, where the teacher just reads his notes to everyone and expects them to think he’s interesting.  He’s not.

Immediate gratification is something I’m all for, in certain situations.  Really, sometimes I want things to happen YESTERDAY, because tomorrow is too far away.   Conversation, on the other hand, is more like laying around, with a cup of something, talking about incredible things, without typing, while you try and figure out if there is a ninth planet behind Pluto.

I adore heated “arguments/debates” that are loud, fast, and furious, because it’s all so real and you can feel the passion in what people are saying.  There’s no passion in a screen and you can be alone to look things up…and that’s the scary part.  More and more we are by ourselves, looking things up, and shutting the door on real people and connecting with each other through words and ideas.

Too many people are going to classes on socialization, how to talk to girls, how to BE A HUMAN BEING.  Either something’s wrong, or we are evolving into emotionless things, who are disconnected from each other and hooked up to electronics.

I know this is crazy, but if I have a question, I LOOK IN A BOOK, or think about all the ways the answer could turn out.  People have said, “No one looks things up in books any longer.”  I do.  I like the hunt.  I like having options and actually thinking about things.  That may be old fashion, but I’m okay with that, since I love books.  Of course, I look thing up, now and then, I’d be crazy not to.   But I like to think, not just have someone tell me all the answers, they believe to be true at the moment.

I used to love conversations, but they’re harder to come by nowadays.  I miss the way we used to be excited to talk about things, sometimes all night long.  I miss that a lot.  Too much instant gratification is like the rat in a lab, spending his life pushing the button for another pice of cheese.  People push the button too often, if you ask me.


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  1. Indeed, gone are the days… Also people might be surprised to find that many answers found on line are incorrect and masked with deception. In publishing fact checking is an inherent process, online people say anything.

    • That’s a truly an excellent point. I agree completely. One “fact checker group,” for the internet turned out to be three people in their living room.

  2. Yes, I agree! My husband and I often discuss this “phenomenon” and find it disconcerting. Thank you for sharing.

    • People aren’t thinking anymore. They don’t even try to understand anything, they just read what someone else on their phone tells them. That’s scary to me.

  3. Sad but true. Books are the best and often lead to related topics!

    • That’s true. Related topics are important and one thing leads to another. And, people aren’t learning how to THINK, they’re letting others think for them. That is not a good thing.

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