Barbie Baby…

Doll, Zombie, Horror, Evil, Halloween

Barbie baby
where’ve you been
looks as if you
learned to sin
all cut up
with eyes so white
hope you won
that awful fight

mouth all bloody
shoulder bare
at least
you did
your lovely

still have your shoes
your boy toy Ken
that old pink car
you drove him in

and what about
that big beach house
Ken he was a
low down

he cheated on you
Barbie dear
he never thought
that you would hear
that Skipper
wasn’t really young
she was primed
for having fun

so do your thing
take your revenge
hope that’s the last
we hear of Ken

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6 Responses to Barbie Baby…

  1. Go get em Barbie. You’re tired of being played with!

  2. You are definitely on a roll…LOLOLOLOLOL The chicklets are going to put baskets of apples in the Rhino House, so Runway will have lots to eat. Some of the chicklets may stay overnight wth them, so they can tell them stories and listen to what they have to say about being in the Rhino wars.

  3. Resa says:

    I guess Ken was a Vampire, after all. Now look what he’s gone and done!

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