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Elizabeth Miller…Witch

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Elizabeth Miller was an important American witch, during the early 1800s.  Intelligent and strong, she served those who came to her for help, healing them, as well as their animals.  When times were hard, she was often given food, as payment.  She never turned anyone away.

Her mother started teaching her, when she was just a child.  She was quick to learn and it wasn’t long before she was mixing her own potions and coming up with new and improved spells.  She and her mother worked together, until her mother’s death.  She then stayed in the cottage and continued their work, alone.

But Elizabeth Miller wasn’t like the other witches in her family line.  She refused to have a daughter.  Her mother pleaded with her, until it was too late for her to consider such a thing.  Apparently, Elizabeth Miller walked her own path.

She was known to have had two familiars.  A gray and white cat named Bess and a huge pitch black, raven, named Annie.  They rarely left her side.

Miss Miller had a natural talent and cured many things that are considered incurable today.  But she felt the duality of those in her care.  She was well respected by many, but resented and treated with suspicion by many others.  She knew that if anyone came for her, no one would come to her aid.

So Elizabeth Miller, decided to change her direction.  She must have taken what she needed from her garden and wrapped everything carefully.  She had to have packed up her belongings, including her pharmacy, Grimoire and Athame, then snapped her bag shut and walked away, with her two companions.

No one really knows what happened to her after she left the cottage.  Not trace of her has ever been found, other than some unaddressed letters, found in a small house near the mountains, in California.  The letters were inquiries about certain herbs.  The signature read, Elizabeth Miller, Witch.


Comments on: "Elizabeth Miller…Witch" (4)

  1. So interesting. So many healers throughout the ages have been persecuted and extinguished. I love that Elizabeth escaped to stillness…..peace.

  2. Thank you. I had fun writing it. Hope all is well, in every way

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