Today is: National Reptile Awareness Day

Iguana, Reptile, Lizard, Animal, Dragon

I’m crazy about reptiles.  Love snakes and lizards. I absolutely adore Iguanas.  They are very, very sweet.

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23 Responses to Today is: National Reptile Awareness Day

  1. You’d love living near my mother in West Palm Beach. Iguanas are hanging on the trees just outside her front door. It’s like living in prehistoric times down there. LOL! 🦎

  2. Ditto, Beckie. In south Florida we have all sorts of reptiles, for example a main thoroughfare is full of Iguana’s along the roadside. It’s interesting!

    • I’m so surprised. I hope the people living there like them. They’re really nice. I had one and he was adorable and ate with us. Slept on the curtain rods and in his tank under the warming light. He loved to be petted. Sounds as if you guys are being overrun.

      • We are overrun with everything. The everglades are filled with Python let loose, they are not natural inhabitants and are destroying the creatures that belong there. I love Iguana, but I learned they can carry salmonella, so I don’t let them in the house.

      • See that’s the problem. Everything is out of balance. The Key predators are being destroyed and things are getting screwed up in a big way. When things are in balance, no one is overrun with anything. It’s only when we mess things up that those things happen. I’m so sorry to hear that. And the snakes! People just let things go and then we have another mess with species in the wrong places. Again, out of balance. We just never stop doing the wrong thing.

      • We never do…so many just don’t care!

  3. Mark Tulin says:

    They’re so fascinating. They deserve a day.

  4. Saw so many of them last week in Palm beach Florida. They are in the wild. One right after the other

  5. I had one for a very long time. Lived with us. Slept on the curtain rods and in his tank under the heated light, when he wanted to. He rode on my shoulder and ate salad with us on the table. LOL Nowadays that would be a bad thing since everything in the world will kill us. But he was wonderful. Very sweet and he loved being petted.

  6. Dawn Renee says:

    Greetings fellow reptile appreciator. They are some of the neatest, as you stated, sweetest, & beautiful beings

  7. Dawn Renee says:

    Indeed! Spiky creatures can actually be very loving & cuddly! There’s no fur, no fleas, loud vocal sounds, and we don’t have to wipe muddy paws. I also am without my amazing Iguana, it remains a painful loss.

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