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This week, following the Trump Administration’s betrayal of a long-time Middle East ally, I received a message containing these words from one of my former students in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan Region. We as “Kurds have no friends but the mountains“ history repeats itself! Over the past 100 years, the Kurdish people–whose territory includes northern Iraq, […]

via Kurds: “We have no friends but the mountains” — my quest blog

Comments on: "Kurds: “We have no friends but the mountains” — my quest blog" (6)

  1. I am so afraid for them and saddened by it all

  2. So sad! I’m gob smacked that any president of the USA would cause this … what I think will be a genocide.

    • He’s insane and an egomaniac. I think his ego is so inflated he is unable to FEEL or UNDERSTAND a single thing. I hope he eventually ends up in jail for life, convicted of crimes against humanity.

      • Your only option is to vote him out.
        From up here, I see it is possible.
        However, his base is still solid, but he has withering minority demographic voters (Independents, women…)

  3. Working on it. We have to get him out. I’m hoping for a massive turn out of people voting against him. I should look around for a group registering voters. I did that before.

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