Just stopping by, Darlings…

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“Darlings, I just popped in from a different reality to tell you to clean up your act, or else.  You do realize that more than one thing is happening at the same time, don’t you?  I mean there’s more than one reality.  Or haven’t you caught on to that yet?

Well, never mind.  I simply wanted to tell you that it’s already too late for some things, but you’re out of control and the bad things are escalating much more quickly than you realize.  So, it’s either limp along as fast as you can patch things up, or die.  Either way, you’ve made a terrible mess and even if you stop your horrific ways right this moment, the ball is already rolling, so don’t expect changes right away.  You’ve gone too far over the edge.  The real destruction has already begun.  Eat now, while there’s still food.  As for water…good luck with that.   And you’re going to be very lonely without the birds and animals you’ve killed, but fear not, the insects will still be with you and I mean ALL of them, since there won’t be anyone left to stop them.  It’s all your own fault, of course, but you don’t care.  You’ve lost your humanity and are all about consumption and greed.  Tut tut, children.  You have been very bad indeed.

Those of us watching from afar, are shocked by your unseemly, heartless, and  destructive behavior. But your lot just keeps banging away, trying to kill yourselves, and everything else, as quickly as you can.  Your leaders, such as they are, hahahahaha, are insane, and yet you let them run your lives and keep the destruction going.  I mean, really, what do you expect to happen?

Well, my Lovelies, I’m off.  None of us likes to visit any longer.  Your planet already smells of death and endings.  Stupid children…and we had such high hopes for you.  Obviously, there were major flaws in your design.  Once you’re gone, we won’t reseed the Earth for a very long time.  Still, we shall persist and maybe one day, we might get it right?

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