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Autumn, Leaves, Forest, Maple Leaves

Fall shows up whether we want it to or not, just like most things in life.  Leaves are falling, silent and yellow.  They land on us, as we walk, or they just hit the ground.  They come into our homes and lay on the floor, until we pick them up.  They do NOT look like the leaves in the above picture.   Ours leaves are usually WET and often slippery.  Rarely are they dry and crisp…nope, ours are a soggy mess, we do not get to crunch them. At least not very often.

I have two kinds of poison ivy in my yard.  The lawn guy just showed me.  He can’t cut down the plants for fall until spring.  He said I’m not the only one who has it, it’s moving in.  Just what we all need.  So there’s five leaf and the three leaf poison ivy, and I have both.  I used to love my yard and now, I don’t like it at all.

The one good thing about winter is that it kills a lot of the bad things.  If you’re one of those bad things, then it’s not a good thing for you.  Unfortunately, winter doesn’t just kill the bad things, it kills other things as well, like people.

I heard someone say that the Farmer’s Almanac said it’s going to be a really bad winter, as if the other winters have been good ones. Why do they say things like that?  Haven’t they been paying attention? Does the word VORTEX mean nothing to those people?  Why do any of us live in the midwest?

Well, after watching a PBS program on MEGA-FIRES last night, as well as one on SUPER STORMS, I’m starting to think the midwest might eventually become the new coast line.  It was a good but scary program, for those in California.  It’s going to get worse.  Global warming plays a part in the fires and the storms, so we are screwing up in a big way.  The thing is…we can’t just undo what we’ve already done.  Obviously, we need to stop doing what we’re doing now, before it’s all over.  Oh, and the fires aren’t just here, they are in other countries as well.  Things are changing on a grand scale and they’re changing fast.

So fall.  It’s here, full of wet leaves and fall aromas.  No color yet, everything’s still green, except for the yellow leaves on the ground.  I would love fall, if spring was the season right after it.  How cool would THAT be!



Comments on: "Fall…" (4)

  1. Spring, summer, fall, spring, summer fall…. very cool!
    I actually like fall, because it’s great walking weather. It seems to last until mid January. Then, cold as hell blows over.

    • Wait…MID JANUARY. How did you get so lucky…to go that far into winter before it gets bad? We can sometimes get snow before Thanksgiving. Not a lot but it’s and iffy time of the year around then but we’re into it at the end of Nov for sure. You are so lucky.

  2. We get “lake effect” stuff too, and it’s usually not good.

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