The letter…

Poseidon, Sea, Wallpaper, Art

Dear Human Beings:

You are destroying my home.  You are poisoning and killing my friends.  I don’t care if you kill yourselves, but consider this a warning.  If you don’t stop, I will come for you.  You’ve seen what I can do.  Believe me when I say that what you have seen, was just a preview.




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10 Responses to The letter…

  1. Mekala L says:

    Remember Odysseus……..

  2. Luna(tik) Enigma says:

    You tell em!

  3. Mark M. says:

    Angry water-man! Not sure if there is any god that is safe to pick on.

  4. It is. Too much cement and because of that the ground can’t absorb the water and filter it, which means disease and people getting very sick.

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