Okay, so…

I told you that I’m reading a book on the artist Lee Krasner.  The thing is, it’s written in such a way that I can see every step of her life played out as if there was no other way it could have been.  It’s as if there was nothing else she could have done, to end up where she did.  One person, led to another and another after that, doors were opened, or closed, all in order to get her to where she ended up.  She’s just meeting Jackson Pollock who,  as you know, she eventually marries.

Her life with Pollock was a nightmare (I read about that before.  He was a drunk and a little insane).  As I said, she’s just going to meet him now.  We all know what happens next but she doesn’t.  She still believes that she’s making choices, when people are simply coming in and out of her life,  pointing her in one direction or another.  That’s what happens to all of us, I think, but we’re too close to see it.

It was an eye-opening experience to see all of that.  We can’t know what Pollock would have been without her but it seems likely that he wouldn’t have been nearly as famous, or even well known, not without her.  His life played out the way it should have too.  All of our lives do, even if we will never really be able to see it.  Everyone we meet, everything that happens to us, is there for a reason, no matter how unimportant those people or things may seem.  Are our lives predetermined or is there a Plan “A” and “B”?  Or are the things that happen to us simply random.

Krasner was a rebel.  A strong woman who knew how to fight for what she wanted.  She made Pollock, sold him, and his art to everyone, because she believed in him.  She was the better artist, in my opinion.  She carried him.

Anyway, I learned something about how our lives play out.  Interesting.  Amazing, actually, how no matter where she was, the right person was there, for whatever reason s/he was needed for.  She, of course, was in their lives to effect them as well.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Carol Anne says:

    How interesting! I do believe everything in life happens for a reason, and everyone we meet is there for some reason too. Xxx

  2. Luna(tik) Enigma says:

    Great piece. I have always felt for her. Pollock wouldn’t have gotten where he got if it wasnt for her.

    • Definitely. She really made him what he was/is. She was so powerful and focused.

      • Luna(tik) Enigma says:

        I hated how the portrayed her in the Pollock movie. They almost made her seem nagging and annoying to contribute to his alcoholism. She genuinely loved and believed in him. To be honest, as much as I love his work, to a degree I feel he was an almost accidental genius. I don’t think he was able to truly grasp the depth of his talent through his struggles. Thats why he needed her.

  3. I thought it was horrible the way they portrayed her as well. She wasn’t like that at all. And, her friends and his brother and sister-in-law KNEW how he was and NO ONE told her about his mental illness or that he was a mean drunk. I thought that was mean and so very wrong.

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