Another failed Halloween costume…

Rose made a cardboard costume of her favorite book.  She failed to realize that she couldn’t sit down, or use her wings, while she was wearing it.  Eating was also difficult, so the costume went on the, DON’T EVER MAKE ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN, pile.  Really, that’s what the sign above the box says.  She’s thinking of being a ballet dancer instead.

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12 Responses to Another failed Halloween costume…

  1. Luna(tik) Enigma says:

    A wise rethinking

  2. Resa says:

    LOL! Ballet is good! Perhaps she could do a balletic rendition of the Egg Dance?

  3. Hey, why not. Maybe Jeep would perform as well.

  4. m.caimbeul says:

    🤣 Great fun my friend, your sense of humor is always a delight.

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