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I have more books than I will live long enough to read.  I’m not alone in that obsession.  Book addicts are not uncommon.  I just ordered two more last night and picked up one at Barnes two days ago.   I read that one already.  I’m currently reading about five different books but none of them are setting me on fire, so it’s easy to put them down, which is why I’m reading so many at once.  I’m looking for the thrill, or the book high, that I get from a story that keeps me up all night.  Books are like any other addiction.

I know what my problem is.  I WANT TO KNOW what almost every book has to say.  If the cover looks good, I want to know what’s inside.  If I wasn’t interested in something before, I can become interested when I see a book on that subject.  So, I have books on everything and I can’t possibly read them all but they’re here if I WANT to read them, and that’s the whole point.  I want them near me, in case I have to know about butterflies in the middle of the night.  I did finish that book last month.  Why butterflies?  I have no idea.  Saw it, bought it, read it, and there’s absolutely no reason for it.  I did not go to the Chicago Botanic Garden to buy a book on butterflies, or one on on Beatrice Potter but I did and read both of them, even though I would never have gone out to even look at them.  But they were THERE. so what could I do?

A lot of the books I read are 900 pages long. With tiny print.  OMG  love the subject but takes awhile, so I start a couple other books and read them at the same time, that way I feel as if I’m accomplishing something.

I’m reading  about artist Lee Krasner right now and I’m also reading about Marcel Duchamp.  I’ve read a couple of things on him before and I have another book, one I picked up at the Art Institute, on him as well.  Looks really good.  I’m still reading WOMEN OF THE LEFT BANK and have three more waiting to be read on the kitchen table.  All of them about artists, BASQUIAT, COCTEAU and EDWARD GOREY  There are books in every room of my house.  I might get rid of my dishes and use the shelves for books.

I can’t imagine eating and not reading at the same time.  Unless I’m with other people.  I ate out yesterday and didn’t have a book, so I wrote poems instead.  I multitask.  .

I do have half finished books on my Kindle as well.  I get bored easily and really, if the book doesn’t have my attention by page seven…what’s the point.  There are a million other books that can make me happy.

People who don’t feel the need to own books, or those who don’t buy a new book until they finish the one they’re reading, are like people from a different planet to those of us who are addicted.  Seriously, they speak a different language and have a different mindset altogether.  Those people are readers, not addicts.  There’s a big difference.  When those people go on a trip, the first thing on their agenda isn’t usually a bookstore.


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23 Responses to Book addiction…

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  2. You describe this affliction well!

  3. I’m sort of like you. Buying 6-7 books at a time, that way there, I will always have something to read.

  4. KRITIKA says:

    I tweeted about the same today.

  5. I used to read 4 books at once but later i realised what is the point of getting half kicks instead of complete so now i finish a complete book then jump into another definitely not your kind off addict but ya a reader certainly.

  6. This is me to a T. I used to work in a book bindery but got fired for admiring the old book covers 😂😂

  7. aeennoon says:

    I would have been a book hoarder if I had enough money. Still the most I have spent money on are books.. or food? or books? can’t say.. but I love them both specially at the same time as you said.. yum yum

  8. LisaDay says:

    I love that idea , that people are readers, not addicts. I also feel there are a lot of people who love the idea of reading, of owning books, but don’t actually love it. They would be the ones who would choose TV over picking up a book.

    • Good point. I would never watch tv instead of reading a book, so I don’t watch much tv. LOLOL Only when I’m way too tired to read and find myself starting the same paragraph over and over again. 🙂

  9. I watch PBS. No ads and Nova, Mystery, etc. Still try to read while the programs are on. LOLOL

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