Stream of consciousness…SHE

Varnish, Nails, Nail Polish, Paint

she did her nails and blew on them while the world outside was falling apart but she didn’t know what she could do to stop it so she though instead about how much she loved the color orange and how it brightened her day while the ice caps were melting and plastic was killing everything that swam while big companies dumped waste into the water but that was depressing so she poured herself a cup of tea and added a second coat of polish and she really wanted a cookie but she knew the crumbs would ruin her manicure so that was out of the question at least for the moment  but she’d rather think of nail polish than the poor people being thrown out of the country by a madman or kids getting shot in school or the street so after that she put on some music and started dancing and wondering what she would have for dinner and what she would find at the art fair tomorrow knowing that winter was right around the corner and then everyone would be horribly depressed and crabby from living like moles in the never ending darkness and freezing cold buried in scarfs and hats with frozen fingers and frozen cars and nights so ice cold and crisp they would shatter like glass if someone hit them with a spoon and then she thought of soup but it wasn’t winter yet and she knew that if she had soup she would feel chilled even though she wasn’t so she thought about what she wanted to read and went over to several stacks of books and couldn’t find anything that fit her mood so she lay on the floor and looked at the ceiling while her nails finished drying and started thinking about all the animals that were slaughtered so people could eat them for supper and that made her feel sick and she was sick of feeling sick so she started doing sit ups without messing up her nails because she really didn’t want to do her nails over and she though maybe yogurt would be nice and once she thought of that she laughed because someone said yogurt is spelled just the way it sounds and that made her think of listening to a book on tape but when she put one on she couldn’t concentrate so she danced a little more and then she started thinking about how women are so underpaid for what they do and how they are beaten and killed for just being alive and that led to all the hate in the world and the ugly men who run the show and how stupid it is that little green pieces of paper mean the difference between being full or hungry between having health care or being sick and that led to how many dogs and cats were adopted this month and finally got a forever home and that led to the wild horses that the government is killing and that led to the never ending wars that kill young people in the prime of their lives and that led to a round of how can we stop the ugly hateful people from dong what they’re doing which led to the answer that there’s nothing we can do because we can’t get enough people to do anything so nothing will change and then she thought of a cartoon drawn by someone who should have known better and the way he made the woman in the cartoon look and that got her upset because she realized that men hate women and see them as jokes in spite of the fact that they have mothers, sisters, daughters, female friends, grandmothers, aunts and  all the rest but men are taught to hate women right from the start taught to make fun of them and call them names taught to see them as other and that was so horrible that she turned the music up and pretended that she was somewhere far away where hate didn’t but exist of course she had to make that place up and it wasn’t easy because she didn’t have any models to base that new hate-less world on

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4 Responses to Stream of consciousness…SHE

  1. Resa says:

    No wonder my nails are always a mess!

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