The Fox…his thoughts…Yip!

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Judy and Danny’s story is over but I want to tell you a few things.  I have a different perspective, since I never left the castle and I haven’t forgotten anything.

When a magical female is born, her guardians are there.   I was called to be one of Judy’s Guardians.  So was Danny.  Baby is another one and there is also a Raven.  Females are holders of power, and we are there to keep them safe and to make sure they use their magic in ways that enhance beauty and life.

Judy’s mother is an extremely powerful woman.  When she decided to shirk her responsibility for teaching her daughter how to use her power, she just sent her away.  She sent Danny with her, since a cat blended in better than a fox would have.  She altered their memories and went away.

I’d like to take a moment to admit that I knew he wouldn’t eat the blackberry I gave him.  He was sweet about it, having Judy take it out from under him, so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings.  It was just my way of letting him know that I was glad that he was back.  I missed him very much.

Anyway, over time, Judy and Danny’s memories started to break through.  Danny was very protective and when called upon by circumstance, he became formidable.  His power roared through him and while he didn’t understand why people backed off, or ran away, he knew he could keep Judy safe.  He still didn’t know what was happening, but he’s a cat, so I think he probably just took a nap, whenever questions arose in his mind.

Abbey raised Judy from the age of five, to when she was sent away.  Her Knight is only a year older than she is and they played together as children.  The Knight’s parents were fighters, who were both lost during a terrible battle, so Abbey raised him as well.  His heart was broken when Judy was taken away.

Her Knight is a Protector, which is different than a Guardian.  Protectors are always human.  Guardians are always animals, chosen for their special skills and abilities.  Danny is fast, clever, focused, a great hunter and fighter.  He can leap and fall.  I’m observant and know people are thinking.  I sometimes know what’s going to happen before it does.  I’m not nearly as good a fighter as Danny, and I can’t climb, but I have other skills that are useful and I know how to hide.

Joseph taught Judy about the animals in his care.  She followed him everywhere and he let her ride some pretty strange and wild beasts, believe me.  She made him laugh.  It was dark days for everyone when she was was sent away.

There has never been a time without war.  Not until now.  It’s strange and no one knows quite what to do.

Judy and Danny don’t remember everything in their pasts, but Abbey said that will change, as time goes by.

There’s just one thing I’m worried about.  Judy’s mom.   All of us would do anything to protect Judy, including the rhinos, who love her dearly, but Lilith has the power to end everything.  I mean that in the most literal way possible.  Everything.  Still, I’m not gong to think about that right now.  I’m going to find Danny and see if he wants to play.  Yip!


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