Art and the philosophy of life

This LGBTQ documentary delves into the life and past of Lyle XOX, the Canadian artist who has become an international sensation by using his face as a canvas. He was featured here on The Art Junkie earlier this summer.

via Quick Hits: Documentary Lyle XOX — Canadian Art Junkie

Comments on: "Quick Hits: Documentary Lyle XOX — Canadian Art Junkie" (4)

  1. Isn’t it wonderful and fascinating how someone can just discover a truly unique way of expressing their creativity.

    • I agree. When people have the courage, or what it takes to let themselves fly…it’s so very beautiful and a role model for others. In our world it can also be dangerous. Still, it’s wonderful to see and enjoy.

  2. wow, we are filled with creative possibilities

    • Humans are incredibly creative but they are not allowed to show it. Unfortunately, it’s killed in them by the culture they live in. But yes, we are brilliantly colored flowers waiting to bloom. And how wonderful it is to see.

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