Okay, so…

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Here’s the thing…when we sleep, we don’t actually think about being awake.  We don’t miss our kids, animals, spouses, don’t worry about our cars, or what we’re having for breakfast.  When we are asleep, we’re on a different plane of existence.  We dream, that’s what REM sleep is for, but we don’t MISS, or LONG FOR, our daily, waking life.

If we don’t sleep we go insane and die.  I think that’s because no one can take living here full time.  If we don’t get away from what we call, life on earth, for a certain amount of time EACH AND EVER DAY…we literally DIE.  That’s how toxic life really is.

Now, you may say that we sleep because our bodies need rest but the fact is, our brains need to be shut off.  We can rest our bodies without sleeping, and without dreaming, but sleeping sends our minds to another place, that’s actually the only thing that matters.

So, here’s another thing.  A lot of people love to sleep.  I mean they LOVE it.  They can sleep for fourteen hours and be happy.  Others run on four to eight.  But the fact is, sleeping is not a choice.  It doesn’t matter whether we want to sleep, our bodies shut down, even if we are driving…hence car accidents where the driver fell ASLEEP.   Our bodies are in charge.  We have to sleep or die, so our brains literally, turn us off.

Some people are afraid to die. It is possible that dying itself, is worse than being dead, but maybe that’s just me.  Nowadays, dying can take forever and be horrifying.  I know, I’ve watched too many people do it, begging to die during the process.

Anyway, there are those who believe there is nothing after death.  I honestly don’t see how  people could possibly think that that’s a bad thing.  If they did, they would try to stay awake as much as possible, rather than keep hitting the snooze button, so they could become unconscious once again and drift away from their own lives.

People who love to sleep are more than willing to give up TIME actually LIVING their lives, in order to nap.  They choose darkness and unconsciousness, over being awake and living.  Sleep is one way to escape from being here.  We do so many different things, in order to get away from life, that I think ESCAPE, must be the natural order of things.  We can’t be awake and living in this violent, insane place, unless we can get away from it, through sleep.  Madness and death will follow if we don’t.

If death is darkness, all the sleepers should rejoice.  They’ll never have to wake up again.  And, we all know that no one misses life, when they’re asleep.  No one.  Life is temporary and so are we.   We only think we’re in control.  If our bodies want to shut us down, they can, anytime they want to.  We can’t fight it, not for long.  We are things, run by our brains, and we can’t even be sure what KIND of things we are.

So, no worries about leaving here and what we’ll find next.  I think the best thing to do is stop worrying about it, stop going to churches where men lie to your face and tell you they know what happens after death, when they don’t have a clue.  I think we should have fun and stop thinking that anything we do matters, or is important.  We aren’t here long enough to matter.  That’s just ego.  Ego makes people think they’re important.  Time is too big for our tiny flickers of life.  We’re like mayflies, here for a moment.  All those feelings of importance make us unrealistic and blind us from seeing that we’re just another species.

I don’t know why we’re here.  No one knows.  But a lot of people, of all ages, are opting out through alcohol, heroin, other drugs, and suicide.  When the entire world is trying to escape from itself, WE HAVE TO ADMIT THAT WE’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.   When hopelessness, poverty, hunger, despair and violence make up the lives of a huge chunk of the world’s population, WE HAVE TO ADMIT THAT WE’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.  Unless, of course, that’s exactly what we’re here to do…destroy everything.  If that’s true, then we’re doing a bang up job.

No matter what death is, it will just be one more thing.  If the idea of nothing at all, makes you uncomfortable, upset, angry, or makes you dig into your beliefs of heaven or hell, it won’t matter, because whatever it is, it is, and nothing any of us believe will make it something it’s not.  Just remember that we make everything up because we don’t have any idea of what’s going on.  None at all.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. meenawalia says:

    I am not as scared of death as the way it will come.once the kids r happily settled,I wouldn’t mind sleeping and never getting up 😊

  2. I have a kanji stamp of the word dream and I use it on my outgoing envelopes. The stamp carries a message not to take all the drama so seriously…….there are better ways to live. I believe that this life is a dream. I like everyone else on the planet know not what follows, but I believe whatever comes we will be at peace.

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