Judy and Danny…25

“Do you know where we are?” shouted Judy.

Rosy just kept flying.

Danny was squashed under Judy, her arm tight around him.  “This is crazy,” he said.  “You KNOW that, don’t you?”

“You didn’t seem to have any other suggestions,” she hissed.

“We could have just stayed in the apartment and had lunch,” he said.

“Does anything look familiar?” she asked.

“I have no idea what we’re looking for and all I can see is the neck of the strange horse we’re riding.”

“Rosy is not a horse, she’s a rhinoceros.”

“Whatever,” said Danny.

Rosy suddenly veered to the right and sped up.  Her pink skirt whipping wildly around her.

“I think she knows where she is,” said Judy, hopefully.

“That’s good because I’m starving,” said Danny.

“You ate just before we left.”


“Why do you think the rhino fighters turned out the way they did?”

“Bad parenting?”

“So you do know what I’m talking about, don’t you,” said Judy.

“I was just messin’ with you.”

“You can be a brat sometimes, you knot that, don’t you?”

“I’m a CAT, did you forget that?” snarked Danny.  “As for the rhino fighters, they never had a chance to learn that things could be different.  No one ever told them that the people they were taught to hate, were actually nice.  It’s no different in New York, or anywhere else.  If people are brought up to believe that certain others are to be hated, people will just hate them and never ask themselves why.  People aren’t all that smart.  I mean, they aren’t cats, after all.”

“Ack,” said Judy.  “And how do you know about Nietzsche?”

“I snuck into a few classes at city college.”

Rosy slowed down and Judy looked up.  About fifteen rhino hunters hung in the air.

“Uh,” she said.  “This doesn’t look good.”

“Just magic us out of here,” shrieked Danny.

Baby came up on her right and Judy carefully moved to his saddle.  She dropped Danny into his pouch, and Rosy went straight toward the war party.

Runway and Roland flew to Rosy and the Knight was with them.

The war had begun.





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