I am having a LOT of trouble with my computer.  I have to get a new one.  My screen freezes constantly and I’m having a terrible problem “liking” your posts.  I also get the spinning wheels of death, as we call them, constantly.  No matter how many times I press LIKE, nothing happens.  So, I’m not ignoring you, I just cant make my computer work.

I have the most trouble in the Reader.  I have to reboot every ten minutes.  I have to FORCE QUIT, just to get out.

Anyway, I can’t get one this weekend but maybe next week.  I just took it in and they said it was fine but it’s not.  Apple has never been able to fix certain problems I’ve had with this computer since I bought it.  It’s seven years old and it may be coming to the end of the road.

I just wanted you to know what’s going on.

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  1. Yikes! I hate when all this happens and just went through it for the second time this past year. I hope that you’ve saved all your important documents and photos onto a reliable device, making backups of everything before it totally dies. Good luck!

    • It’s driving me crazy. I guess it’s time. It’s only truly terrible when I go into the Reader. But it’s so time consuming to reboot and wait for things to unfreeze. I have to back up more things today. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Ah, that’s so frustrating! I just got mine out of the shop. The hard drive crashed! Now I’m having to download all my programs. He did get WP back on there , everything else I’ve been downloading . Good luck Gigi.. ❤️

  3. Resa says:

    You will be in heaven when you get your new computer. The longest I ever had one last was 8 years.
    I was having trouble liking this morning. I logged out, then in and it seems better now.
    Then there’s the disappearing likes disease that affects WP sometimes. Technology is a blast!

    • I’m sure I will be. Maybe next week. I’be been thinking about it for some time. The only thing that’s holding me back is learning how to use it.

      • Resa says:

        It will be the same as the one you have now…. with a tweak or 2. Easy, peasy!
        Hahaha, it took me 15 mins. to find the off/on button. That was 1 of the tweaks.

  4. m.caimbeul says:

    I’ve had enough problems with WordPress lately I’ve almost quit it. 15 minuets to load I image along with a variety of other issues on my iPad.

    • It does drive one crazy. I think most of us have thought of quitting at one time or another. I think about how much time I could spend reading while I’m waiting for things to come up. Sometimes I actually do READ while I’m waiting.

      • m.caimbeul says:

        Yup, I stay with it for the few consistently loyal friends. Blogging has always been a bit of a you like/follow me and I’ll like and follow you (I don’t participate in that one.) I always don’t play the bait and hook or whining sentimental crap. but the thing I’ve always found interesting and a bit sad is the great post that get 6 likes while some of the stupidest ones get 1500. Another one is the difference between WordPress and instagram, an image on WordPress can get 28 likes while the same image on instagram gets 900, fascinating. I refuse to play the Seo and how to increase viewership crap.
        Sometimes I think people of Like mind should just privately email each other, I have had a few I’ve talked to on the phone and it opens a whole new experience. But we all know how careful we must be. It gets complicated.

      • I definitely agree with you. I’ve never been on any other kind of electronic site. Just blogging on WP. I do it for the same reasons you do. I enjoy the blogs I follow but don’t play the games you mentioned. Not at all. I have spoken to a few people I’ve become close to and two of them came in and stayed with me for a week and we had fun in Chicago. One of them came here two years in a row. I just spoke to her today, actually. I did the artwork for her book a couple of years ago. We met on WP. But you are so right. We have to be very careful and things can get complicated quickly and easily. I do email a couple of people now and then. As you said…loyal and likeminded friends. 🙂

      • m.caimbeul says:

        Been thinking about this. Some people are just naturally complex and they bring that into their social interactions. I think there’s probably more insincerity and deception on the internet so we have to be a little more vigilant. It requires new perception skills and I’m delighted you’ve been successful. I’m not much of a social media fan and just stumbled on instagram and discovered some amazing artists, I marvel at the talent that’s out there.

      • That is so wonderful. That we have access to art from everywhere. People who would never be seen can be embraced by millions. It’s wonderful. As I said, I haven’t been on anything but my blog. I don’t want to go on anything else. Time consuming and as you said, can’t tell the good guys from the bad. WP is enough for me. I’m so happy to have met you and that I get to see your amazing artwork. And I’ve done my best to be careful and I’ve been so fortunate to make a couple of great friends. We stay in touch on the phone and e mail as well. WP is like a playground where you can see and read all kinds of amazing things. I love street art and that’s a place where there’s a huge amount of talent. Beautiful.

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